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    ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero Flagship Motherboard Detailed

    Not buying this garbage. ASUS should do a Formula verison. Just look at the Z270X ROG Maximus IX Formula, it's way better then this. This is the same as a Z270X Maximus IX Hero. Both of which are basic boards with few features. I noticed there are NO high-end X370 boards from anyone. None...
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    AMD "Richland" Desktop APU Lineup Detailed

    True, SteamRoller was already designed, but Jim made changes to the design as soon as he got back to AMD. That's why it was delayed so the changes could be made. BullDozer IS a good processor. Try reading the above link and having an open mind doing it. More gamers chose the BullDozer FX...
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    AMD "Richland" Desktop APU Lineup Detailed

    Why did you post a link to newegg for the A10? What's the purpose? I think you're closer than 6 beers from being a dumb drunk if you think Haswell is in the same class as AMD's APUs. Why compare apples to oranges? Although AMD is a better deal for most people. In fact, unless you just...
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    AMD "Richland" Desktop APU Lineup Detailed

    I'm not sure why AMD released Richland as Kaveri will be released later this year. Richland is a refresh of Trinity with better graphics (like they needed them), a little better clock performance and a little better power consumption. Kaveri will be the true replacement for Trinity. For...