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    Corsair Announces World's First Available 128GB DDR4 Unbuffered Memory Kits

    who the sweaty hell needs that much ram in general applications/gaming?
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    AMD Fiji XT Reference PCB as Short as GTX 970 Reference, R9 295X2 Performance

    When we are all disappointed by AMD bulldozer v2.0, hitler will be screaming at his lieutenants again
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    Racing Gets Real with the BenQ XR3501 Curved LCD Gaming Monitor

    no 3440 x 1440; no care. also no g-sync, freesync
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    Acer Announces the XB270HU and XG270HU Gaming Monitors

    Yeah I was excited until I realized it's Acer. Given ASUS had so many issues with their ROG swift, you might have more success with a overclocked korean panel.
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    Samsung Unveils Premium Touch-Screen Monitor for Professionals and Consumers Alike

    the first two monitors are horrible. no dvi inputs, no dp, only hdmi