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    Any info on AMD's post Vega lineup for the Mainstream?

    ^^title. Considering how things are being handled, going to have to work on the assumption that I will not be able to get a card or even if available they'd be at prices that'd make even the most grounded person flinch. So it occurred top me that there hasn't been any news of anything below the...
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    Where to get WC'ing parts that's not ppcs or newegg?

    Frozencpu, and sidewinder are long gone, I live in FL so performance pcs is a last resort, newegg similarly so but for different reasons, and in need of a new pump, and looking to get a new rad while I'm at it. So is it only ppcs, newegg, or amazon the only places to go if stateside?
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    [WTB] DDC pump with res top and Dual 140mm (280mm)

    My comp is out of commission due to my pump dying on me a couple nights ago and i am in looking for replacement, I was already looking to downsize from from the 420, since it's too big for my current case and feels like overkill for my current build. looking to spend $120 for both
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    AMD Fury gpu mounting hole measurements?

    Anyone know them or know where I could find this info?
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    [Newegg] $38 off Phanteks Evolv expires 3/22

    Phanteks Evolv ATX Deal applies to Grey or Silver Expires 3/22/17, Available to US and Canada - 10% using coupon code MARCASE10 - $20US Mail-in rebate Free Shipping $162 shipped, $142 AR
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    [Massdrop]Sapphire NITRO RX 480 8gb - $210us

    2 days left at the time of posting. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/sapphire-nitro-radeon-rx-480-8g-d5-oc-11260-20-20g $219 shipped within US, anywhere else apparently gets hosed.
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    Where can I find Low-profile keycaps?

    I'm looking for a set of low-profile mechanical keyboard key caps similar to those found on the Tesoro gram spectrum. My searches so far have yield that the only way to get such keys are to order that said keyboard pluck the keycaps off of them myself. Anyone if and where such a set are sold? I...
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    [WTB] Xonar STX II daughterboard

    part no. : XONAR_HDAV_H6/A I got a really good deal on a Xonar STX II, it's the card I wanted but not the card I needed since it came without the daughter board. It was supposedly sold separate as a 7.1 upgrade kit but that looks like it is a unicorn at this time. Anyone have one that is...
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    Are there any 4k monitors that run above 60hz?

    Shopping for a new monitor, and the few I've looked at being dell, hp, and an LG that was really nice( and will probably be it), all were only rated for 60hz. So before I commit, I thought I'd ask here if 4k@120hz is something that only exists in my head and in futureland? or real and now?