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  1. CarneASADA

    [WTB] HD 5870 - Reference 5870 1GB

    hello... wanted : Reference 5870 1GB... (working) reason : crossfire with my existing 5870 1gb... (link below) payment : paypal friendly... (any method that works for you) think : you could end up paying very little for a NEW card... (69xx or 5xx) existing card : DIAMOND 5870PE51G Radeon HD...
  2. CarneASADA

    FESER .. "We stopped the Xchanger production"

    http://www.tfc-xchanger.com/ "07.05.2010 That's it. Since today the Xchanger Radiator Series is History. Thank you to all our customers who relied on our Xchanger Radiators. We stopped the Xchanger production and the Radiator Series is end of life from now on. The Radiators you still can...
  3. CarneASADA

    Sub-Ambient Condensation Protection | No More Condensation!!

    Sub-Ambient Condensation Protection | No More Condensation!! i plan on moving from AIR to H2o, with a h2o water.chiller loop. yes, condensation will be A MAJOR ISSUE.. but, I may have the PERFECT SOLUTION: PARYLENE what is "parylene" : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parylene...
  4. CarneASADA

    issue - cat 9.6 ... 4890 ... win.7.64

    HTPC... diamond 4890 .. SONY TV .. component input when i installed CAT.9.5.. i had to goto win.7. advance.boot options.. (f-5) and booted in low-res ... where i was able then to configure CAT9.5... screen.formats .. ie, 480.720.1080 then could boot normal... with CAT 9.6.. as soon...
  5. CarneASADA

    Diamond 4890 1gb .. component issues

    i got a diamond 4890 1gb... i got it hooked up to a 42" SONY.TV (a bit older) which has two component inputs for HD.. 1080i max... when i plug in the component adapter that came with video card... my COLORs are out of wack... YELLOW looks pink... i've tried two different component...