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  1. streetfighter 2

    Up for a challenge?

    Just a thought but I'd recommend buying something that you can hackintosh. You did say graphic design didn't you? :D You don't want to be the only freshman that looks like this guy, do you? Also, the artist's boxes we have at work have 64GB of RAM. 'nuff said. :pimp:
  2. streetfighter 2

    Samsung Urges Intel to Launch DDR4 Systems Ahead of Schedule

    Sounds like DDR3 prices may actually get a bit cheaper before they get more expensive. I've been thinking about building another server with 40GB+ of RAM ;) Not in terms of power usage. http://camelegg.com/product/N82E16822152245
  3. streetfighter 2

    Court Rules Computer Code Is Not "Property" and Can't be Stolen!

    I think everything should be open source. Code alone is very rarely a full program. The gross tonnage of a modern application is 99% textures/pictures and unexecutable data. Most people can't program, let alone compile the stuff, so they'd still be buying it. A lot of time spent programming...
  4. streetfighter 2

    BAT file/Script to find and replace files

    My batch skills are a bit rusty. GNU tools are so much better :D. This might work if the files are all in the same directory: @echo off for /F "tokens=*" %%P in ('dir /b "*.zip"') do ( call :RENAME %%P ) :RENAME set oldname=%* dir /b "*.txt" | find "%oldname:~0,5%" >...
  5. streetfighter 2

    exe to read GPU-Z shared memory data?

    Cool thread. I use the ADL SDK in my own monitoring tool. Check it out: nVidia - http://developer.nvidia.com/nvapi AMD - http://developer.amd.com/sdks/ADLSDK/Pages/default.aspx
  6. streetfighter 2

    [Issue] Distorted / Crackling sound From Headphone While using mouse scroll

    It's EMI from something and some such. It can be a real pain to isolate, and the cramped FP or rear I/O is by no means an EMI-free-zone. Some people might recommend a ferrite bead (sometimes called an EMI suppression core), but not me. Try another set of headphones first. If they work...
  7. streetfighter 2

    My ultimate HTPC with an i7-2670QM

    I'm checking out frozencpu now. Worst comes to worst, I can always build one :D Too bad I'll have to wait till the HD 7850 stock normalizes. Get off my lawn! :mad: *shakes fist* Errr-- not quite... ;) The low power part was also part of my design for an ultimate HTPC. This thing is...
  8. streetfighter 2

    My ultimate HTPC with an i7-2670QM

    I doubt it; what with being a server mobo and all. EDIT: Doesn't look like there are any overclocking options except perhaps some configurable turbo mode and speedstep stuff. Hardly the same though :(
  9. streetfighter 2

    My ultimate HTPC with an i7-2670QM

    I know it looks a bit flimsy but that thing isn't moving. The board would shatter into pieces before the heatsink would budge a fraction of a millimeter. My budget on GPU is pretty much unlimited, but it has to fit into my case (and meet my other requirements). Afterall, this is my...
  10. streetfighter 2

    My ultimate HTPC with an i7-2670QM

    Getting the drivers installed was a bit trickier than I was expecting. One of the two LAN drivers claimed to be installed but the NIC wasn't responsive. Once I installed all the drivers from supermicro's site there were still two unknown devices in device manager, but fortunately they were...
  11. streetfighter 2

    My ultimate HTPC with an i7-2670QM

    I've had it in my mind for a while to build a really awesome, low power, ultra quiet, supremely powerful, gamer HTPC, but I just now got around to doing it. I decided to take the road less (maybe never) traveled, and buy a laptop chip. Here's what I have thus far (prices include shipping)...
  12. streetfighter 2

    2560x1440 IPS 27" LED Monitor on the Cheap!

    I'm definitely tempted. This thing looks awesome.
  13. streetfighter 2

    Rate this laptop

    With a laptop that powerful I'd only be concerned about battery life and whether you can use the bottom as a griddle. :D I actually just bought an i7-2670QM for my HTPC.
  14. streetfighter 2

    DVD/Rom not auto running.

    Did you try the stuff in the link below? http://www.mydigitallife.info/autoplayautorun-not-working-or-missing-not-open-in-windows-vista/ @xBruce88x - What would think you it? :D
  15. streetfighter 2

    Htpc remote

    It doesn't exactly "take up" an HDMI slot. It is a lot like how you connect old school light guns, if you remember that ;). Install pic: http://images.anandtech.com/doci/5463/DSCN4699_575px.JPG Anandtech review: http://www.anandtech.com/show/5463/pulseeight-usb-cec-adapter-review/...
  16. streetfighter 2

    Htpc remote

    Use your receiver remote and get an HDMI CEC adapter: http://www.pulse-eight.com/store/products/104-usb-hdmi-cec-adapter.aspx :D
  17. streetfighter 2

    Google, Yahoo and other search engines affecting memory, study says

    You don't need the internet to be misinformed.
  18. streetfighter 2

    Best UK Site for Pc parts?

  19. streetfighter 2

    What is your computers idle power consumption

    ~120W is my typical idle sans monitor. Without underclocking the GPU and CPU, it is around 180W. :D
  20. streetfighter 2

    Message From Kreij

    Get better soon Uncle! :respect:
  21. streetfighter 2

    Laptop Drive problem - help please

    It's not that bad, but I've never tried it with loading onto a USB or SD so I don't know if it will work. Just follow the instructions here. In brief: Format USB drive as fat32 Download zip Copy plpbt.bin to the FAT formatted drive. Run "plpmkboot" with the USB drive letter, ie...
  22. streetfighter 2

    Laptop Drive problem - help please

    Howdy Mussels, long time no see. I see your avatar hasn't changed much :D Could you use something like plop boot manager? You might be able to get it to load from an SD card using plop boot instructions: Dunno if it'll work, but it is easy to try. Personally I'd grab a soldering...
  23. streetfighter 2

    HELP NVIDIA Geforce GTS 450

    Since you didn't mention the game(s) you are having trouble with I'm just going to assume that you are bottlenecked by your CPU. The GTS 450 isn't that great, but it isn't that bad either. If you use the task manager to monitor CPU usage and GPU-Z to monitor GPU usage while you game you...