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    SilverStone Releases the RAVEN Z Mini-ITX PC Case

    I hope they will release clean look version.. I don't realy like raven look..
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    Scythe Mugen 4

    Wow.. thanks alot, i will buy it when it's come to my country.. :D
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    Scythe Mugen 4

    Can this cooler fit into my Fractal Design Define Mini?
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    Scythe Ashura

    Can this cooler fit into my Fractal Design Define Mini?
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    SteelSeries Introduces Sensei Wireless Gaming Mouse

    Wow.. That is overprice
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    Lian Li Unveils the PC-Q35 Mini-ITX PC Chassis

    I agree with you. We want case like Asrock M8 or northwest tiki case.
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    BitFenix Announces the Colossus M Series PC Cases

    I think someday Bitfenix will release Survivor M, Shinobi M, Raider M, Ghost M, Ronin M, Shadow M, Outlaw M. All will have some internal with prodigy and prodigy M, just deferent external look :cool:
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    MSI Full FM2+ Military Class 4 Motherboards Available Now

    I Hope MSI will have Micro-ATX FM2+ with this layout: (Z87M-G43 without PCI slot)
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    Cooler Master Announces Silencio 652

    I like that look, but logo :mad:
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    MSI Announces its Radeon R9 270 Gaming Graphics Card

    I Hope MSI will make 270 Hawk. Hawk is more silent than Gaming edition.
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    SilverStone Rolls Out the Precision PS09 Micro-ATX Chassis

    Why the front not just flat? I think it's will better..