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    X800 fuses data for unlocking

    This specimen (artefact) from the good old time can be unlocked to 16 pipes with flashing 16 pipe BIOS (XP or 16p PRO). Save the original BIOS just in case. It is nice to see that someone is still modding X8x0 cards but it is realy time to un-stick the thread and to send it for "deserved" rest.
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    Nvidia GTX300 series Supposed Benchmarks....and what it could mean for ATI's 5800's

    I am selling my 5870 for one of these GT-311 :D.
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    How To: Enable SLI on pre-i7/i5 hardware

    The number of users will rise ;). Fortunately nVidia has no much options to prevent "SLI hack" excet implementing more complicated hardware ID's chek in their own drivers. (That can be fooled). The physX "problem" with ATI hardware in the system is already solved and isn't problem anymore :D...
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    How To: Enable SLI on pre-i7/i5 hardware

    I am using "watermark remover" which solves the problem completely :D. You can try this: http://www.mydigitallife.info/2009/01/05/remove-windows-7-watermark-for-testing-purposes-only-evaluation-copy-test-mode-on-desktop/ or search google for similar program called "watermark remover".
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    How To: Enable SLI on pre-i7/i5 hardware

    Hi TiN, regards for the great job done here (and "there" of course). I am not sure whether the following information can help you guys to defeat the 195.xx drivers but who knows: http://www.ngohq.com/graphic-cards/16223-nvidia-disables-physx-when-ati-card-is-present-78.html (post N779). The...
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    SLI Hacked on Older Intel Chipsets

    Then probably this will help you ;): http://forums.mydigitallife.info/showthread.php?p=151297 http://xdevs.com/e107_plugins/content/content.php?content.30
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    Rampage Formula (element determination needed)

    Thanks. The value then is 2,7K.
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    Rampage Formula (element determination needed)

    Hallo friends, I need support concerning one resistor's value on Rampage Formula board. P5E deluxe haven't it therefore is useless. I need the code printed on the resistor. The exaxt location is in the left-down corner of the board just below the Winbond chip. There is empty resistor place...
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    Will you switch to Intel Core i7 ?

    I'll stay with the core2 quad (first step will be the replacing of Q6600 G0 with Q9550 E0 when the price go becomes "normal") for one more year. If the motherboard producers succeed to separate the core and memory voltage then probabbly I will go for core I7. But before that let see how the i7's...
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    Q9650 Overclocking And Feedback Thread

    I am also searching for Q9550 E0 but in vain. Obviously Intel waits to sell as much as possible (or all available C1) before to start shipping E0's. I have also checked the Intel dealers for stock of E0 - but again nothing. Unfortunately we have to wait few more weeks :cry: (hopefully).
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    X800 fuses data for unlocking

    Yes it could be unlocked to 16 pipes :toast:.
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    ATI 4870 temps?

    I also have Sapphire 4870 and the idle temperature is 77C. Under load it never pass more than 84C. This is at default clocks but the temperatures are equal after overclocking to 820/1100MHz. It means that for ATI these temperatures are OK but it doesn't mean that I like to have so high...
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    Sapphire X800 GTO AGP pipe unlock

    I will need some time to prepare the tools for you :).
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    Help with 2900xt

    830/950MHz on stock cooling and higher fan 60-70%. CCC or RivaTuner are used.
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    Your card should have 16 pipes. The fuses are "correct" and on BIOS level everything is OK for...

    Your card should have 16 pipes. The fuses are "correct" and on BIOS level everything is OK for 16 pipes. The only advice from my side will be to uninstall (fully) and re-install ATITool. After that you should see 16 pipes.
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    Error 0fl01 flashing bios

    In your case (AGP card) the GPU is adapter 1 and Rialto chip is adapter 0. You can't flash it anyway but the error appears and in most of the cases people don't know what to do.
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    What to do with a dead X850XT?

    Clean the GPU/Memory volt regulators with lot of alcohol and tern special attention of the memory chips. A paint in the memory pins (legs) which are 144 could cause that. You can also use special cleaner for electronic boards (with ether, alcohol and many other things). It is offered in...
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    X800 fuses data for unlocking

    Definitely NOT :mad:.
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    Riva Tuner , Vista 64 and CrossFire - Can't adjust fan speeds.

    Just flash the Saphire card with MSI BIOS and you will have two absolutely identical cards ;). Probably after that you will be able to control the fan settings.
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    All Hail the 9800pro

    9800PRO the best card ever produced!!! I had 2 of them one with R350 - sold and one with R360 -flashed to 9800XT (unfortunately a memory chip died after many years of use and I replace it with X850XT). For me this is and will remain the card of the cards the absolute piece of art :respect:.
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    New mobo.... Help

    My Q6600 with Maximus Formula can run stable with 440FSB almost on default (CPU voltage increase). FSB450 = 3.6GHz is a hard task but still possible with high NB voltage, CPU PLL voltage and other adjustments. (I have 4x1 GB AxeRam DDR2 1200MHz). But the procesor can reach without problems 425 x...
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    Transcend aXeRam Thread!

    My memory runs at 2.2V 1200MHz 5-5-5-15 (2 kits AxeRam) and the temp. is app. 40-45C. But the airflow in my case is good - 2x120mm and 2x140mm.
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    Transcend 4GB AxeRam IC's

    I would recommend Transcend aXeram 1200 kit 2x1GB (2 kits). I have two kits of it with Maximus Formula and Q6600 G0 and the maximum that I have succeed to reach was 1280MHz at 2.35V and 5-5-5-15 with all the modules installed (4x1GB). The memory chips are Micron D9GMH and originally this is the...
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    X800 confusion? Would like some advice

    Here you are 3 moded BIOSes: 1. X80016P.bin - your "original" moded to 16 pipes 2. X80016OC.bin - your "original" moded to 16 pipes and with overclocked core / memory to 450/450MHz 3. X800GTO.bin - your "original" moded to 16 pipes and with overclocked core / memory to 450/450MHz with...
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    X800 confusion? Would like some advice

    You have posted all the data concerning your card with exception of the only important information - the fuse values. You dashed out the most important information for me. It determines whether one core can be unlocked or not (to convert your card to real X800XT). Somebody have tried to do that...