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  1. chevy350

    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    Spectrum basic
  2. chevy350

    Are you buying Intel Coffee Lake?

    Been leaning towards a AMD build but will probably hold off until Ryzen2, hopefully when my Z-97WS gets back from RMA again it will hold off until then. Think Intel will probably be good after some BIOS updates but prices will always be the deciding factor :peace:
  3. chevy350

    OFFICIAL Battlefield 1 (Discussion)

    Servers are rentable now ;)
  4. chevy350

    Overclocking ram - Expert advice needed

    Not an expert by any means but maybe try 1.55-1.6v on them and see what they'll do. My 2400 spec'd at 1.55v but needs 1.60v to be stable, worth a shot anyways :cool:
  5. chevy350

    Noctua To Give Away Skylake LGA1151 Adapters For Free

    Thats awesome they do that....wish others would follow suite ;)Corsair;) lol
  6. chevy350

    [FS][US] [FS US]Keyboards and Mice

    The wife was wanting that board for a couple years but got her Maximus VII Formula now
  7. chevy350

    [FS][US] [FS US]Keyboards and Mice

    bumped :toast: glws
  8. chevy350

    R9 290-290X owners thread

    Worked fine for me as well when I checked it out.
  9. chevy350

    Heatsinks recommendation for Asus R9 290

    If your not all too worried about your warranty you can modify the original plate on the card for the AIO and G10 and it will keep your VRM temps close to what they are or lower. I went that route with my 290X and also have the Gelid 290/290X enhancement kit tucked away in the desk somewhere...
  10. chevy350

    R9 290-290X owners thread

    Yeah I went with the G10 and a ThermalTake Water 3.0 Performer on my Diamond 290X, much better temps all around.
  11. chevy350

    AMD Catalyst 14.4 RC Available For Download

    Updated the other day and BF4 stuttering has finally stopped :peace:....with mantle, haven't checked it with DX11 yet but haven't felt the need since it runs great now lol
  12. chevy350

    Unigine Heaven 4.0 Benchmark Scores

    Here's my Diamond 290X@1050/1350...just noticed Heaven says card temps may be a little high lol....and forgot to add cpu clocks, 2700K@4.8GHz
  13. chevy350

    [FS][US] Peet's Rock Bottom Deals!

    bump, and yes he does have some cases to sell also :peace:
  14. chevy350

    [FS][US] Peet's Rock Bottom Deals!

    still lookin bump :peace:
  15. chevy350

    Post your Mantle scores

    Mantle =========================================================== Oxide Games Star Swarm Stress Test - ©2013 C:\Users\Rob\Documents\Star Swarm\Output_14_03_07_0925.txt Version 1.10 03/07/2014 09:25 =========================================================== == Hardware Configuration...
  16. chevy350

    R9 290-290X owners thread

    Just a heads up, a enhancement kit is coming out for the Gelid Icy Vision coolers on a 290/290X. I sent an email here "info@rexususa.com" requesting info on the VRM heatsink and they are now sending me the enhancement kit for the cooler I bought that was listed as compatible with the 290X...
  17. chevy350

    3DMark (2013)

    Updated scores in post #65 to current system specs. Recently added 2700k and 7950 to replace the 2600k and CF 6950's
  18. chevy350

    3DMark (2013)

    chevy350 | 170727 | 25013 | 7057 | Gigabyte HD7950 WF3 | 2700k | 1075/1475 | 4800MHz http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/413219
  19. chevy350

    Catzilla Benchmark Download BETA version

    I've never really messed with the profiles but I think I managed to add it and will run it again. In the meantime support said they had the same cards and will be able to try an re-create my issue, unfortunately possibly not until after New Year but it's always nice to get replies and possible...
  20. chevy350

    Catzilla Benchmark Download BETA version

    For some reason it's only using one of my 6950's and listing my my crappy mechanical storage drive as my main drive....submitted a ticket to them and once it gets figured out either their end or mine I will post results.
  21. chevy350

    NovaBench - anyone use it?

    Yup I use it, nice little bench also ;) http://novabench.com/compare.php?k=&n=chevy350&s=
  22. chevy350


    Yup I just noticed that as well, grabbed the 2.1.4 that was upped so I'll get it re-run....and in 32-bit as well lol. I paid the small fee to run the 64-bit and was just out of habit to run it on 64 instead of 32 :cool: Edited results in post #111 big change over the 64-bit results lol
  23. chevy350


    Well I would re-run and re-post but get this from op link Download not available The file of the above link no longer exists. This could be for several reasons: The file was deleted by the user who uploaded it. The file contained illegal contents and was deleted from our...