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  1. Grnfinger

    GTA San Andreas

    Is it possible to set this game up on a lan? I just want to MP with 3 people at work, were all in the same room and have a hub so figured a LAN must be easy right? If this is possible can someone walk me through it. I've googled SA-MP 0.3X but still reading if it can do what I want, do...
  2. Grnfinger

    Giveaway: Sleeping Dogs Steam Gifts (User-Donated)

    I want this game. Give it to me now!
  3. Grnfinger

    RAID 0 Troubles

    I have brought the same raid array from X58 chipset and still runs fine on Haswell I have never had an issue on Nforce4 chipsets but have never used anything newer from AMD
  4. Grnfinger

    Giveaway: Bioshock

    Would like a copy for my crippled kid. He spends most of the day in therapy and his nights wishing he could crack some skulls open in Bioshock I have started working a third job to help fund his desire to play but sadly I fear I will meet my demise long before he ever holds the title in his...
  5. Grnfinger

    [FS] Corsair H100

    Sold thanks for teh space TPU
  6. Grnfinger

    [FS] Corsair H100

    Bought it about 3 months ago and have now moved up to real water cooling so no longer need this. The stock fans are unused and I can add another pair of Swiftec 120mm for push/pull for an extra 10 bucks if you like. Retail box , unused accessories are included and all mounting hardware.
  7. Grnfinger

    ASUS 7870 underperforming?? Am i bottlenecking??

    I have 7870's but not BF3 installed. I can load it up if you'd like me to test anything. I do have a 4770K so that might not be fair in the testing. I can test at work on an AMD 1055T if you'd like.
  8. Grnfinger

    360 Rad in a 600t

    I cant decide either, but I do like the white and black contrast, but the 540 ( and it's on sale for 129.99) is freaking awesome for watercooling and with the 2 chambers it will make a super clean build. Wish I could afford both.... thanks for your help it's greatly appreciated.
  9. Grnfinger

    360 Rad in a 600t

    Just what I was looking for, thank you sir... I'm torn between the Carbide 540 and the 600t. I think the 600t would look nicer in the end, and the White is rather nice and clean looking
  10. Grnfinger

    360 Rad in a 600t

    Graphite 600t owners, will a 360 rad fit in the roof with out too much trouble? Sorry if this question has been asked before, I did a quick search but found nothing that I'm looking for. I see a bunch of 240 rad's fitting nice but would like to confirm that it will. Thanks
  11. Grnfinger

    New build for grandkid

    Can get a real good deal, on a Phantek cooler, will pick it up now. Thanks for a decent reply to a question I have been asking myself.
  12. Grnfinger

    [WTB] Completed System or Parts UNDER 900$

    Microsoft Sidwinder X8 Great mouse near mint. no scratched ect.. smoke free home Logitech G11 PSU Silverstone 620WATT fully modular. dual 12volt rails ( all cables exct comes with PSU Fujisu 5400rpm 500HDD 2.5" ( will toss in a USB3.0 enclosure for free Iomega 8GB Kingston HyperX 2000MHz ram...
  13. Grnfinger

    Making a Motherboard Back Plate

    I have a very large assortment of tools for wood working but not many metal tools. a press perhaps if I ask for favors but right now I have only a light metal break
  14. Grnfinger

    Making a Motherboard Back Plate

    not sure as I don't have the case yet. I figure for ease it might be better to bolt on, but then there is room to consider and PCI brackets ect.. So might be better to do it right and replace it completely. I think I can do most cutting with a plunge router and some jigs, there will be...
  15. Grnfinger

    [WTB] Socket 1150/1155 CPU Waterblock

    Looking for a CPU block for my new build. Not sure what to buy so thought I would check TPU first before I shop new. Would rather buy from TPU :) Must be willing to ship to CANADA Thanks.
  16. Grnfinger

    Making a Motherboard Back Plate

    The case is large you will see a lot of it. I'm trying to do a nice clean "wow" factor build and looking for ideas/suggestions. Many people have done it. It's nothing new
  17. Grnfinger

    Making a Motherboard Back Plate

    I want to make a motherboard back plate in a different color than my case for some contrast. And depending on how the build goes maybe a mid plate but I don't think it will be required. What material is best to work with or what is everyone using I guess is my question? Making radius with...
  18. Grnfinger

    WaterCooling Fractal Arc Midi R2

    you will find that tubing from Home Depot is not the best. I would consider using just for arranging the loop. the 5/8" id and 1/2od just make the walls to thin and the bends are a real bitch without kinks. Just what I found anyways. Maybe your's wont. Looks great tho, the blue turned out...
  19. Grnfinger

    Ati HD 5970 running slower than ussual?

    my 5970 ( when I had it) was smooth as butter. I found 12.11 beta was the best for my setup and gave the best frames and bench scores. Also flashing the cards bios helped a great deal with a lot of 5970 issues.
  20. Grnfinger

    ddr3 2400

    to bad there not red