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  1. Solaris17

    Hardware manufacturers you miss?

  2. Solaris17

    773 Million Credentials Leaked

    This site is not "bollocks" nor is it "some random site". woops didnt see page 2 beating a dead horse.
  3. Solaris17

    Touring the EKWB Suite at CES 2019

    You are thorough and concise I just really like your writing style. You cover everything and explain everything I would want to know or find interesting without going off course. You set a prime example on what I would expect other news staff members to follow. Keep up the great work.
  4. Solaris17

    Touring the EKWB Suite at CES 2019

    Ty for covering this!
  5. Solaris17

    RTX 2080 ti, which QHD monitor to buy???

    I actually don’t know the titles off the top of my head this helped me. Because I only know resolutions if you walked up to my Monitor and asked if it was uhd qhd or whatever I can honestly say I probably wouldn’t know the answer
  6. Solaris17

    Bought a pair of Nanya memory 2x4GB what is your opinion?

    Damn, I dont think I'v owned Nanya since DDR1 but I do remember overclocking the piss out of it. I don't expect it all to OC but that kit lasted me the longest out of any ram I have ever bought. I have no hate for Nanya.
  7. Solaris17

    Why are people still buying 1050TI's and not RX 570's?

    Yeah, because I can’t wait to go out and buy a GPU with the intent to play on medium.
  8. Solaris17

    7980xe Delid

    Fore sure I remember direct die contact with 775. Already aware to take precautions, check clearance after application, dont crank down on cooler mount bracket. Realistically with direct die, you only need to apply enough pressure for the block itself to mount.
  9. Solaris17

    7980xe Delid

    I honestly didn’t know that was a thing. I’ll probably do that instead!
  10. Solaris17

    7980xe Delid

    Like I was telling mrgenius thats my next change to the CPU. I dont have a monoblock, just a normal cpu block. let me know if its worth it. They are only like $30 from the ones iv seen so I guess it not bad for a test, but curious all the same.
  11. Solaris17

    Why doesn't my new desktop PC have a "Fast Boot" option in the BIOS?

    It might not be Os related at all that wouldnt affect the option not existing in bios. on MSI boards it should be F7 for advanced mode, should be under security options. Maybe the OP can upload some pictures of his BIOS pages so we can navigate him to where it generally is. Or atleast tell him...
  12. Solaris17

    Audio-Technica Debuts New Wireless High-end Personal Audio at CES 2019

    Love my audio technicas.
  13. Solaris17

    7980xe Delid

    hm, I havent tried lower, I run 4.5 24/7 did you find dropping the vcore low at -100mhz to be more beneficial? and 4.85? congrats!!! Would you be willing to share some settings?! Are you managing that under water?
  14. Solaris17

    Unofficial Port Royal thread

    https://www.3dmark.com/pr/7875 CPU is only at 4.5 but still managed to crack 9k.
  15. Solaris17

    Politics on TPU

    I don’t see anything regarding not talking about politics in that thread. I made a similar comment on the Linux foundation changes iirc. We have been tolerating political discussions thus far in news posts so I’m not sure why this thread exists. I am 100% against it in any part of the forum...
  16. Solaris17

    phenom 1090T x6 @ 60$ Worth it?

    Right like you location specifies and why I specified USD. I'm assuming you wanted me to do the rest of the work for you...
  17. Solaris17

    phenom 1090T x6 @ 60$ Worth it?

    Thats not a bad price for the going rate on ebay in USD
  18. Solaris17

    Why are reviewers so lazy? ( Not talking about TPU!!! )

    Damn, 49 FPS in a game makes it unplayable. PC gaming has changed under my nose.
  19. Solaris17

    7980xe Delid

    Thank you!
  20. Solaris17

    What settings do you play at ?

  21. Solaris17

    7980xe Delid

    Thankfully the thread was about my delid project and not my overclocking endeavors, or why I chose the settings I did. Only that they were the same for both tests. So no harm there.
  22. Solaris17

    7980xe Delid

    I have troubles getting stable at higher clocks without it. I put the blame on my power delivery system but alas this board is white. Thank you!
  23. Solaris17

    7980xe Delid

    She’s doin fine for now.
  24. Solaris17

    7980xe Delid

    Meh I was going to replace the IHS in total with a higher area replacement and lap that to leave the original intact. But I won’t be doing that until I get the block for my gpu. Because at the same time I’m going to be applying fujipoly to my mobo and breaking down and expanding my loop. All...
  25. Solaris17

    7980xe Delid

    No problem it was fun to write!