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  1. Fatal

    In the dark

    In the dark
  2. Fatal

    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

  3. Fatal

    How many monitors do you like to use?

    I use three :peace:
  4. Fatal

    UNIGINE-Valley BENCHMARK scores

    Fatal 2X AMD HD6950@930mhz gpu/1420mhz mem
  5. Fatal

    UNIGINE-Valley BENCHMARK scores

    Must have missed me ;) http://http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2903727&postcount=96 Oops I see you tried to edit it last month sorry purecain. Last edited by purecain; Sep 26, 2013 at 12:16 PM. Reason: 2763Fatal 2 Hd6970@880mhz gpu/1385mhz mem
  6. Fatal

    Corsair Graphite 230T

    Eww that color in the middle. The others look good and it looks like a good looking case.
  7. Fatal

    Radeon R9 290X Pitted Against GeForce GTX TITAN in Early Review

    I will wait for Wizz to test it. All the other testers I can care less about. Even if its between the Titan and the 780 it still will help with lower prices. That's a win for all :toast:
  8. Fatal

    [Case Gallery] New EVANGELION PC ?Project EVA?

    10/10! fantastic work you might want to keep people away that have Photosensitive epilepsy ;)
  9. Fatal

    [Case Gallery] The Fun Stuff

    He named it THE FUGLY I gave it 5/10.
  10. Fatal

    AMD Radeon R9 290 Series 3DMark scores leaked!

    Well if and I mean if this is a 290X then looks like I will have to build another computer.
  11. Fatal

    Techpowerup! Hwbot Club

    I may add a few benches from my daughters rig if I can pull her away from it. I am off the next three days so will see. Edit: thanks for the info Frick I didn't know that. I don't use W8 so I will still add some. From my points and how many benches I was doing it seemed it was me and a few...
  12. Fatal

    Techpowerup! Hwbot Club

    I am not sure who is in charge I was active for a bit. I built my daughter a pretty good computer I still have not benched it yet.
  13. Fatal

    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    Home connection
  14. Fatal

    No Steam connection?

    The store is working now for me so the world has not ended just yet!
  15. Fatal

    Does moving the pagefile off the boot partition increase system performance?

    If moving it to a drive that is just as fast as the OS drive then yes but not by much. Like a few have said installing more memory would be best. If you have the memory then I wouldn't even bother the gains are not that substantial. After all the searching I have done the end result I kept the...
  16. Fatal

    No Steam connection?

    Same for me my steam updated a few hours ago and now no connection maybe there is maintenance that needed to be done.
  17. Fatal

    3DMark (2013)

    Fatal|142407||14540|3792|Radeon HD 6950|Intel Core i7 950|900/1375|4200 MHz http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/1005948 Fatal|145244|23010|6596|Radeon HD 6950 XFire|Intel Core i7 950|880/1375|4024 MHz http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/1008703
  18. Fatal

    XFI Mod is back:

    I tried it on my Sabertooth X58 and blue screened like mad so removed it.
  19. Fatal

    Mussels needs help!

    My computer was doing the same thing you are stating Mussels I had a AMD ATI Radeon 4850. I replaced the card and no issues for a while. My motherboard died soon after though. I also had to replace my memory it was bad as well. I would say its the motherboard if your memory and graphics card are...
  20. Fatal

    12 months, 4 mice dead. Need new mouse suggestions.

    I have been using a ROCCAT Kova+ for almost a year and a half no issues at all. My bother has had four RAT7's go bad on him I almost bought that but figured I would try something different. I still have a Razor death adder that is still working fine...
  21. Fatal

    Crossfire usage

    I used 13.4 drivers with the 13.5 CAP1 for the screen shot I did. I have not updated to 13.6 since I am not having issues with any of my games with 13.4.
  22. Fatal

    Crossfire usage

    I get 100% load on both with everything maxed out on GPU-Z. Maybe Erocker is right could be the CPU.
  23. Fatal

    Mounting 38mm Thick Fan to H100i

    I have used the Scythe "ULTRA KAZE" and I used zip ties. I used a shroud in between the radiator and the fan though. It worked really well not sure what your question is, I personally don't see an issue with zip ties.
  24. Fatal

    AMD FX-9590 5 GHz Processor Benchmarks Surface, Great Performance At A Price

    I wouldn't spend $1000 for any CPU looks good though.