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    AMD has released CRIMSON drivers 15.12

    http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Windows+10+-+64 Enjoy :)
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    R9 295X2 Powerplay/Core clock throttling

    Hi all, Recently purchased one of these, and having ongoing issues in games. I currently game at 3440 x 1440 and whatever I'm playing my frame rates will drop and stay that way until I exited the game. I figured out (okay it's not that difficult) that my graphics card was being throttled. As...
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    Quad HD Gaming Laptop - 13-14"?

    Hi all, So looking for a quad HD 13/14 inch gaming laptop (read high specification) and found quite a few examples. My issue is that I found a great website but seemed to have lost it, I believe the company name began with an "M" and it may have been German in origin? I've looked at the...
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    The great Nvidia vs ATI graphics driver debate!

    Phew, well it was getting a bit crowded in the HD4800 series driver news thread so I thought it sensible to start the conversation here. First of all we have the original news story: http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2008/03/28/nvidia_vista_drivers/...
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    FS - AV700 40GB HD Video/MPEG4 Recorder/Player (UK)

    Open to sensible offers, usual applies click on photos to view large versions. Sorry about picture quality! Archos AV700 40GB - Only been opened and updated (don't really need it when my car has MPEG 4 lol...) - £160 with delivery Comes with: - Archos AV700 40GB HD MPEG4/Video Player/Recorder -...
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    FS - Uni clearout (Laptop/Games)

    It's that time again, loads of random stuff for sale this time :). Sorry for the pics, not sure what's going on with my camera phone... I think it's time to get a proper camera! All item prices include delivery Payments accepted are: Bank transfer, cash, and cheques. CLICK IMAGES FOR BIGGER...
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    FS - Watercooling stuff (UK)

    I have some of my spare watercooling equipment left over and I am not going to use it so it may as well go to someone who will use it! All equipment is 1/2" fitting and brand new. Click on images for larger versions. 12V Laing DDC-1T Ultra w/Petras Tech DDCT-01s Top fitted with high flow 1/2"...
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    [FS-UK] PSP, PSU, GFX and Pump

    Basically my clear out my room sale! I can guarentee that all the stuff I am selling is in fine working order and those that have dealt with me in the past will assure you that I provide excellent after sales advice/support/etc :D. Sorry for poor pics, camera phone :(. Can accept payment...
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    FS: XFX 8800GTS 320MB Modded

    Hey all, selling my XFX 8800GTS 320MB which has a modded bios means it is running at 600/1400/950(1900 effective) (Core/Shader/Memory). There is room for higher clocks on both shader and memory but I'm not sure it can attain them and stay stable on stock cooling. These clocks are stable for...
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    FS: Playstation 3 60gb (2 controllers) with Ridge Racer 7 (UK seller)

    I am looking for a minimum of £900 plus £20 for special delivery with a £2500 insurance You are buying a Sony Playstation 3 60GB console (which is multi region for games but is bound to US and Japan for the Blu-ray movie discs, these can be purchased from popular websites such as Play-Asia...
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    FS- Full SCSI kit (UK)

    Got a bundle of SCSI drives which I used for my main system drive and my long loading gaming programs (i.e. Battlefield 2, CounterStrike Source- nothing like loading before everyone else and saying "Get loading times tbh..." :D). I used the Maxtor for my main drive. Excellent drives and are...