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  1. J

    Help 2500k OC

    Currently at 5.2GHz with 1.4v :) I got rid of the freeze when I disabled the virtu multimonitor mode. PLL voltage actually helped lower the vcore a little bit. Vtt at 1.25v Temperatures below 70º under prime95 Do you think it's safe for 24/7? I don't have many experience on chip's...
  2. J

    Help 2500k OC

    Yes, it freezes on the boot windows logo. I also tried 49x102.1. Same results.. When I get home, I will try an higher pll. Thank you :toast:
  3. J

    Help 2500k OC

    I just got a 2500k over a 3570k for overclocking. I can run it at 4.9GHz at 1.28v 2h prime stable (I didn't have much time to test..). Settings: - 1.4v vcore with level 5 LLC -> On full load goes down 1.28v - 1.2v vtt - 1.8v pll - 1.5v Vdram Temps below 60ºC The problem is reaching 5GHz, even...
  4. J

    1x 120GB SSD vs 2x 60GB RAID0

    I might do raid0 in the future. But atm I have more than enough. Another question.. I just got Asrock z77 extreme4. I have 2 intel sata3 ports and two sata3 ASMedia ASM106. I supose you would recomend the intel ones? Are those two ports shared (shared bandwidth)? As I plan to install another...
  5. J

    Z77 mobo choice

    I have the same doubt. What would you pick for overclock? - Asrock fatal1ty performace -> 150€ - G1.SNIPER M3 -> 150€ - Asrock extreme4-> 125€ - ASUS P8Z77-V LX -> 125€ - GIGABYTE Z77X-D3H -> 125€ - Msi Z77A-G45 -> 125€ - GA-Z77-D3H -> 100€ Thank you :D
  6. J

    1x 120GB SSD vs 2x 60GB RAID0

    I finally got Samsung 830 64gb. The system flies now :D I will post some benchs when I have time to do this: http://www.overclock.net/t/1156654/seans-windows-7-install-optimization-guide-for-ssds-hdds Although I'm still limited to sata 2..
  7. J

    1x 120GB SSD vs 2x 60GB RAID0

    I get your point. This is like overclocking your cpu above 4ghz, you won't notice anything, but you do it anyway :laugh: I will start with a single 60gb drive for the OS and some programs. I'm only using 30gb right now. Win7 and battlefield 3 included :D If I get bored, i will get another one...
  8. J

    1x 120GB SSD vs 2x 60GB RAID0

    Thank you for the replys. I found on another store crucial m4 for the same price as patriot pyro. I've read that sandforce controllers have problems, are they serious? As I read in toms review, performance on raid0 scales almost linearly. Is trim supported on ssd raid0 setups yet? Will I lose...
  9. J

    1x 120GB SSD vs 2x 60GB RAID0

    I'm going to upgrade to a sandy/ivy bridge computer. I need a drive for S.O's and maybe some games like BF3. I'm going to buy it here. I was thinking about adata s510. What are your thoughts? Will two be faster with raid0? Price is almost the same. Maybe another brand/model? Thank you :)
  10. J

    So W1z, who are you selling the website to this year?

    lol, I thought I entered megaupload by error :D
  11. J

    AMD Radeon HD 7850 & HD 7870 2048 MB

    Can you post some oc results with voltage tuning? :D
  12. J

    TechPowerUp Application Now on Android Market

    What about focusing on the mobile web version, so everyone can enjoy it? I'm the only one with a wm 2005 smartphone? I can't afford a new hypermega-cool android phone : (
  13. J

    How to survive the end of the universe

    Well, I really hope that universe will crunch itself. The idea of full entropy dislikes my a lot. Imagine, heat / infinite. What a depressing end.. If humans don't kill ourselves, we'll be like a plague. Spreading carbon life around the galaxy.. I can see some angry aliens, lol too much...
  14. J

    AMD Radeon HD 7950 3072 MB

    Has the metal shim the same hight than the gpu core? Will I be able to use my old cooler tr shaman?