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  1. night.fox

    Forum upgrade complete

    Great. Didnt know time is clickable :) thanks
  2. night.fox

    Intel Announces New Pentium Silver and Celeron Processors

    So we expect to have pentium bronce, gold and titanium? :)
  3. night.fox

    Forum upgrade complete

    Yes it does. But what if i just want to jump to last page instead. Lets say i watch the thread about game sales. Before i could just click the last page number at the front page. But now, have to click the thread. Sends me the last post that i have visited or read. Then have to scroll all the...
  4. night.fox

    Forum upgrade complete

    I dont know if somebody already mentioned but on mobile view, is there a way to jump to last page? For example, i click new post. It list all the thread with new post. But i want to jump to last page. Instead it brings me to some page. And then have to scroll down and click the button to jump...
  5. night.fox

    Mozilla Announces Firefox Quantum Web-browser

    but moonfox was community developed isnt it? Anyway, only reason why i still use palemoon is because never had problem for years. But lets see when mozilla fix some minor bugs on the next coming releases.
  6. night.fox

    Mozilla Announces Firefox Quantum Web-browser

    Seems faster than old firefox but wont give up palemoon. As you can see from screenshot that quantum is more than 2x using memory than palemoon. Same page only single tab opened.
  7. night.fox

    How do i know if im being robbed by service center?

    Like @pigulici said, if you dont trust them take back your laptop and bring to service center you trust. That will give you an idea if previous service center was trying to rob you. Its always good to have second opinion
  8. night.fox

    Prototype AMD Vega RX 56 Triple-Fan Graphics Card Pictured

    This reminds me of 7990 :)
  9. night.fox

    Budget Android tablet that lets you update Android?

    Like @Frogger mentioned, most if not all well known tablets will have custom roms available at xda forum. Like my old samsung note 10.1 (first one) i rooted it. But didnt install custom roms. But there are available roms. I only rooted because needed to remove bloatwares as my daughter is only...
  10. night.fox

    MSI GTX 1080 Ti Lightning X and Z Now Available on Newegg- $859/869

    Nope. USD. KrW is almost 1.6 million krw. So 1400 usd. :)
  11. night.fox

    MSI GTX 1080 Ti Lightning X and Z Now Available on Newegg- $859/869

    Ill take 2 since price here is 1400 per piece :)
  12. night.fox

    You pick the game giveaway!! Part IV

    Congrats @pigulici and thanks again @WhiteNoise and no need to apologized. One of the guys already mentioned family first in which I am 100% concur with that
  13. night.fox

    You pick the game giveaway!! Part IV

    Im in for battlefield 1. First of all I would like to say thank you for @WhiteNoise for the wonderful giveaway. A picture of something means to me is this I dont own a ship nor I own a company. But I am working on commercial ships. Going around the world, travelling alot. Being away...
  14. night.fox

    Here Be AMD RX Vega Model's Codenames: Vega XTX, Vega XT, Vega XL

    I dont mind the 375W pulling power as long as it delivers the performance. I still have my ax 1500i here waiting :)
  15. night.fox

    MSI GTX 1080 Ti Lightning Z 11 GB

    1,380 USD here in korea. Bwahahaha
  16. night.fox

    Giveaway! A few Steam games

    Just dropping to say thanks. @Norton Dont know any of the game thats why :)
  17. night.fox

    Favorite Mobile Brands?

    Never had LG so cant say. I like samsung for its durability. I had S2 until I get S7. So 5 yrs is more than enough and besides, it is slowing down with newest apps. Nevertheless Ive been an Samsung fan :) I never like apple for the reason that its overpriced and cant do much costumization...
  18. night.fox

    BIOSTAR Announces the TB250-BTC PRO Motherboard with 12 Slots

    Powered riser card.
  19. night.fox

    Giveaway! $50 (x2) for the Steam Summer Sale 2017 (Congrats to the winners)!!!

    Congratulations @...PACMAN... and @scevism and thank you again @Norton and happy beerday man :toast:
  20. night.fox

    Giveaway! $50 (x2) for the Steam Summer Sale 2017 (Congrats to the winners)!!!

    I'm In My plan for summer is stay cool :cool: Advance happy birthday and thank you for giveaway :toast:
  21. night.fox

    Blizzard in Process of Remastering Diablo 2, Warcraft 3

    If remastering of warcraft 3 is good, then ill get one. I havent finish the single player yet. :) i remember spending alot of time on that one as i was curious with the story.
  22. night.fox

    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    Sell it then ordered again ... = profit.
  23. night.fox

    Giveaway(fast) Alan Wake's American Nightmare GoG

    Damn i was latr. Thanks for giveaway and congrats to @AlienIsGOD