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    AMD Responds to Ryzen's Lower Than Expected 1080p Performance

    I don't think anybody will recode already published titles to utilize more cores but lets see.
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    Kingston Announces the HyperX Revolver Gaming Headset

    Almost 380 grams is just too freaking heavy no matter what they call it and how good it sounds.
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    Star Wars Battlefront Giveaway

    Damn just noticed it. Nice giveway dude ;)
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    TechPowerUp 120 Hz Build Guide

    screw 144hz strobe backling 120hz ftw
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    EVGA Announces the "Bullets or Blades" Bundle

    Still its a good shooter. Its a completely different and fun approach. Too bad the fun could end soon once you rape all the possibilities to death.
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    Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield

    Hi, I will have a dedicated server up this week. Its in EU so might not be good for you guys but I can give adminlogin to somebody if you like. Curious how did you guys manage to fix the flickering screen with Windows 10? I used some solution on steam forums but it gives a little bit input lag.
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    Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield

    Im in too. But you need a vanilla server to have real fun. Not those poor admin servers with no C4s etc which take out all the taste from the game.
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    Intel Core "Skylake" Processors Start Selling

    Yeah what I was thinking too. I hate not working with hardware anymore - I miss building new platforms. That sexy smell of new motherboard !
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    Intel Core "Skylake" Processors Start Selling

    Any sense to ditch my 2500K for 1080p gaming ?
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    Lian Li DK-02X

    Idea is kinda funny but the lack of space around keyboard and mouse would drive me insane and is a totally missed design ergonomically
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    RainbowSix Siege

    UbiSoft made Raven Shield :) But I know they killed all next RainbowSix games. Animation doesn't lock your game (PC style) and you can lean ! that's good news
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    RainbowSix Siege

    Great stuff about this game. Free lean system is back as it should be in Raven Shield. http://rainbow6.ubi.com/siege/en-US/news/detail.aspx?c=tcm%3A152-187149-16&ct=tcm%3A148-76770-32
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    MySql SELECT statement help please

    LEFT JOIN does exactly the same thing as LEFT OUTER JOIN
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    MySql SELECT statement help please

    Yeah I know what a Left join is, all I was saying is that there is no need for the "OUTER" word as it doesnt do anything and I never used it
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    MySql SELECT statement help please

    Use just LEFT JOIN (I never use those outer/inner stuff) and make sure you tried IS NULL ?
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    MySql SELECT statement help please

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    RainbowSix Siege

    New video about tools. I like the sexy accent from the girl too :)
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    RainbowSix Siege

    Yeah rouge spear was something that got me hooked at first, was no internet times for me - we gamed nights at internet cafe. Some guys got so into the game so badly they ripped off mouse cords :)
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    RainbowSix Siege

    Just saw a teaser with pre alpha footage on the official page - www.rainbow6.com Shows a 5 vs 5 cooperative with a team speak narration, It gives a good view of what R6 is about. Rush, kill what you can and finally find campers and use your brain to lurk em out. I think last three or even four...
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    Hostname + Teamspeak Server

    Well if you cant access it with pure IP it wont work with DNS either
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    Hostname + Teamspeak Server

    1. Can you access it with the IP from interwebs? 2. if yes then its something with dns , like not refreshing when your Ip changes I cant access the Ip with TS so guessing NAT/Port forwarding on router?
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    OFFICIAL Battlefield 4 (Discussion)

    The recoil changed the game completely. Finally I can see what I shoot when I spray n pray in mid rage like it should be. Also I don't know what they did to mouse but it feels like I've just switched on "reducemouselag=true" in UT3. Why in the world they added the readiness after map loads...
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    What are your future GPU plans?

    I'm going for the 970 but I'm camping until some decent FPS shows up.
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    Corsair RM Series 1000 W

    I had it for a moment and sold it. Generally the idea of fanless PC doesn't work very well with standard cooling on GPU/CPU my rig became a freaking oven in a few minutes and that stupid PSU didn't start its fan. I think it actually spawns the fan according to load not the temps inside.
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    Acer XB270HAbprz 27-inch G-Sync Monitor Detailed

    Why not if you figured some idea by yourself wouldn't you want profit from it ?