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    AMD "Kaveri" Desktop APU Launch Date Revealed

    "New SteamrollerB core" ? Is this the name for the core without the L3 cache or a new, improved version of SR?
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    Can AMD A10-6800K 4.10GHz run with ddr2 memory

    You already have that board or you want to buy it? If you want to buy it, better search for an A88X chipset motherboard so you can upgrade later. Also get fast ram, at least 1866 Mhz. APU will benefit from fast ram.
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    Can AMD A10-6800K 4.10GHz run with ddr2 memory

    Get a FM2+ motherboard so you can upgrade to Kaveri. Any board with AMD A88X chipset will do.
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    In Win Shows Off tòu Tempered Glass Chassis

    I hope they include a polish kit in the box...
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    FinalWire Announces AIDA64 v2.85

    If the memory is soldered on the motherboard this means that there will be no DDR slots? GDDR memory being used as system memory i don't think it will be possible to use DDR and GDDR at the same time.
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    FinalWire Announces AIDA64 v2.85

    So we will see motherboards with GDDR5 support for APUs. I wander if we will see Radeon branded memory sticks or memory chips on motherboards or stacked memory on APU chip itself. So many questions...
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    Spire Announces Diablo Entry-Level Gaming PC Chassis

    Common people don't be fooled by the black interior. This case is too small, you can barely fit a standard atx mobo in it and I'm sure you cant event install a radeon hd7770 and a hdd at the same level. A gamming case needs to handle a lot of heat, in this case you cant install a 120mm fan. This...
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    Gigabyte Readies the GA-C807N and GA-C847N Mini-ITX Motherboards

    no pci-e... not good gigabyte, not good... :shadedshu
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    AMD FirePro APUs and Motherboards Start Selling

    Hmm... I'm 99% sure that these apus are the A8 5700 and A10-5800k without the unlocked multi
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    AMD Announces Second-Generation A-Series Desktop APUs

    why the single module apus have 1mb cache? it supposed to be 2 mb not 1...
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    Dell Readies the U2913WM 29-inch Monitor

    way too wide for me. i still use my old nec lcd2070nx 1600x1200 ips panel and i wont buy anything that has less then 1200 pixel height resolution
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    ASRock Z77 OC Formula Sets a New World Record

    I dont want to start a flame here...I am aware that Ivy at 7Ghz wipes the floor with a BD at 8.5Ghz, but the news says "new world record of CPU overclocking" not new record in X benchmark...
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    ASRock Z77 OC Formula Sets a New World Record

    World record? What about this record http://news.softpedia.com/news/AMD-FX-8150-Sets-Overclocking-World-Record-Yet-Again-Reaches-8-58GHz-232068.shtml ?
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    Cougar Announces Solution ATX Mid-Tower Chassis

    on the inside it looks like a Bitfenix Merc http://www.pureoverclock.com/review.php?id=1413&page=4
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    AMD Trinity Internal Benchmarks Surface

    You (and I) wish... Llano A8 is more like a HD5570. Next gen will probably be the equivalent of HD6650. HD6670 has GDR5 instead of DDR3 than apu will work with, so it will be better. Hope they will do some tweaks and pilledrive apu will be faster than HD6550 but i don't think it will better than...
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    Arctic Intros S1 Plus Turbo Module

    why it's bad that it's a standard fan? you can swap it with any other 120mm fan. maybe someone wants a UV reactive fan or an enermax led fan :D
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    AMD's Next-Generation Wichita and Krishna APUs Detailed

    First and last image looks fake...look at the AMD logo in the bottom right corner