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    Microsoft Word (2007) Problem

    Hi! I've come across this problem couple of times. I am also using XP. Well whenever you open any document from outlook directly and make changes to it and keep on saving then by default its gets save in temporary files ( Under this address on My computer - C:\Documents and...
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    Resize image with CSS, without CSS3?

    Yeah absolutely. But what I've figured out is that people try to do so for search engine benefits However as per my research search engine can have negative effects as well for the same as they can now figure out where these tags are required to be used and where not.
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    Backlinks needed!

    I've been in touch with recent Google updated regarding backlinking concept and come to know that its not only about linking but about relevant niche linking. You must concentrate on getting backlinks from niche sites and authority ones especially. Moreover more .edu and .gov would do the most...
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    Worth it to upgrade to win 8??

    Totally Agreeable. Moreover when there comes a new version most of other useful programs become non compatible for this. I have installed Windows 8 recently and got to face so many issues when trying to work with other third party program due to compatibility problems and had to get back to...
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    Ancient Mummies Had Clogged Arteries, Too

    Yeah I have read of these facts somewhere on web as well. This posts added confirmation to it.
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    Sapphire Launches Graphics Accelerator for Mac Pro

    Look is great.... But what extra features are there which makes it so expensive?
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    free pdf editor

    Well All to PDF Converter product of PDF-File.com may help you. I am sure that it is having batch conversion feature and also can convert jpg to pdf. However not confirmed whether it can re-size the image or not.
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    free pdf editor

    The one I have used is PDF converter Pro which you can get from http://pdf-file.com. Its not free yet but offers free download trial. Its inbuilt editor was great for editing PDFs without any conversion.
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    Office 2013 retail is “permanently assigned” to a single computer

    Same here. There is always a side solution for almost every paid software being from Microsoft or any other vendor.. hurray
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    Acer H6 Series Monitors Launch in the US

    I am in doubt about its success when comparing it with competitors.
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    Microsoft Officially Launches Outlook.com

    That's a great news. I love using Outlook specifically when it is having so good list of features and functionality. Thanks for the update.
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    New member

    Thanks. Would surely love to move toward it after spending significant time here ;) Thanks. Yeah was not aware of this feature earlier, but got complete command over it now as you can see in this reply itself ;) Thanks. Great to be here :) Thanks. Hope to be in touch. Agree...
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    New member

    Thanks both of you. I was not aware of how to use it but tried here for the first time. Would take care in near future :)
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    windows 8 phone vs android?

    I agree completely. It had been a talk of the town around me for a while and I finally agree to Android one and trust me interface, as you said is not at all comparable with Android.
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    New member

    Thanks for the concern buddy. Would try to be an active participant here now as main motive for being here is to get and share knowledge and I'm sure the geeks here would help me a lot. So not at all wanna be out of here.
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    New member

    Thanks. Hope to be in touch. Thanks a lot :) Thanks buddy Thanks hoping the same :) Thank you dear :) Thanks surely will be around. You seems Interesting and funny. Would love to see you around. Thanks anyways :) Thanks Jetster :) Still need to do a lot to reach...
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    New member

    Hi I am new here. I am glad to be a part of this forum. Looking forward to participate actively in discussions here.