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  1. Isenstaedt

    Intel CEO Paul Otellini to Retire in May

    End of an era I guess.
  2. Isenstaedt

    AMD Powers Brilliant HD Game and Video Performance for Nintendo's Wii U

    So true. I wonder if AMD would still be alive if they hadn't brought ATi.
  3. Isenstaedt

    No DirectX 11.1 for Windows 7?

  4. Isenstaedt

    Dell UltraSharp U2913WM 29-Inch Monitor Goes on Sale, in Australia

    2560x1080 is not 21:9...
  5. Isenstaedt

    No DirectX 11.1 for Windows 7?

    It doesn't matter. Most games still support dx9 and they still look awesome. As far as I know right now only Battlefield 3 doesn't support dx9. But we all got dx11 cards nowadays.
  6. Isenstaedt

    AMD Secures No. 1 Spot in the 40th Edition of the Top500 Supercomputer Sites

    Not only high end but mainstream too. I find supercomputers pretty mind-blowing but getting an erection from one requires you to be at a whole 'nother level of geekiness. It's like you need to reach geekvana. More like a PC killer.
  7. Isenstaedt

    New Intel Itanium Processor 9500 Delivers Breakthrough Capabilities

    Anyone else read this with Don LaFontaine's voice?
  8. Isenstaedt

    Samsung Bundles Assassin’s Creed III with Select Samsung 840 Pro SSDs

    Why would they bundle a game with an SDD?
  9. Isenstaedt

    NVIDIA Gives Away Keys to Crysis 3 Alpha Trial

    I played neither Crysis nor Crysis 2 but my brother did. He liked the former. He eventually got bored with the latter. I remember wanting to play the Crysis 2 beta just to have a look at it and see if my PC could handle it. I wasn't able to launch the game because of some stupid bug a lot of...
  10. Isenstaedt

    Old Technologies Like Optical Drives Were Holding Apple Back: Phil Schiller

    How's that? When you buy a game on Steam it downloads and installs it. But Steam is installed in the operating system. Which program would download and install the Windows? :confused:
  11. Isenstaedt

    Need for Speed Most Wanted Races on to Retail Shelves Today

    I don't get it either... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Need_For_Speed_Most_Wanted
  12. Isenstaedt

    No Service Pack 2 for Windows 7: Report

    It just feels to me like a way to discourage people to get Windows 7 and get Windows 8 instead.
  13. Isenstaedt

    Windows 8 Arrives

    Vista was the latest OS when it came out and most users decided to stay with XP.
  14. Isenstaedt

    Windows Store to Pack "Mature" Games and Apps

    If a game isn't Farmville or Angry Birds or that kind of stuff I consider it mature.
  15. Isenstaedt

    Steam Greenlights Over 20 More Games

    Not yet released on Steam. http://steamcommunity.com/greenlight/?appid=765&browsesort=accepted&browsefilter=accepted&p=1
  16. Isenstaedt

    ZOTAC GeForce GTX 650 Destroyer TSI Graphics Card Unveiled

    If you have a low to mid resolution monitor this card is perfectly fine.
  17. Isenstaedt

    Galaxy Outs GeForce GT 610 MDT Graphics Card

    This is an HTPC card. I don't get those who say the 650 or the 7750 are HTPC cards.
  18. Isenstaedt

    ZOTAC GeForce GTX 650 Destroyer TSI Graphics Card Unveiled

    How would you name it then? They aim to sell those things.
  19. Isenstaedt

    Apple's Seagate Hard Drive Troubles Date Back to 2009

    Why did Apple went with Seagate in the first place? In my opinion WD has always been superior. I've never owned a Seagate drive but across these past years I've read quite a few more complains about them than WD's. HDDs aren't dead yet but I give them a few years.
  20. Isenstaedt

    AMD FX "Vishera" Processors Launch Pricing Surprises

    Low pricing? I expect underwhelming performance.
  21. Isenstaedt

    Steam Greenlight Adds Software and Concepts Categories

    Maybe a program that downloads porn off the internet one million times faster!
  22. Isenstaedt

    Introducing Catzilla: A New 3D Graphics Benchmark

    The Lady Gaga of synthetic benchmarks.
  23. Isenstaedt

    Steam Greenlights Over 20 More Games

    Yeah they have greenlit quite a few games but I wonder why is it taking them so long to actually release them.
  24. Isenstaedt

    MSI Announces New Radeon HD 7750 with 2 GB DDR3 Memory

    DDR2 instead of DDR3 :laugh:
  25. Isenstaedt

    TechPowerUp GPU-Z v0.6.5 Released

    That's something they haven't fixed yet. Btw I'm still using the 0.5.8 version since I still have an Evergreen card. No reason to update.