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    12-core CPUs From AMD on Their Way

    look here http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=184936
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    Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Priced and Dated

    paying $40 for demo is stupid Read the comments http://kotaku.com/350057/gran-turismo-5-prologue-dated-priced
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    AMD Worth Less than it Paid for ATI

    Thanks or the info Is that an x86 cpu or one that they have manufactured to be used within their sun blade systems.
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    AMD Worth Less than it Paid for ATI

    lets look towards the future. This is what i am thinking at the moment that's if they sort out all the bugs and so for Barcelona and phenom Amd True 4 core 65mm Take the mcm approach 8 cores on 65m mcm again 12 cores or so on 45mm mcm again 16 cores or so...
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    AMD Introduces World's First Comprehensive, Cutting-Edge PC Platform

    how comes anandtech dont use 64bit vista aswell as the 32 bit version?
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    Crysis Demo Publicly Available Later Today

    sorry about that did not know it was posted allready
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    Crysis Demo Publicly Available Later Today

    where was it posted 2 hours ago
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    Crysis Demo Publicly Available Later Today

    no need for a torrent just posted a direct download link very fast aswell Im downloading at 1Mb right now should be done in say 5-10 minutes
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    Crysis Demo Publicly Available Later Today

    http://na.llnet.cdn.ea.com/u/demos/Crysis_SP_Demo.exe enjoy
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    Symantec Claims 80% of all gamers are Infected by malware

    hi I use these guides as to determine which software is good at protecting your pc . They update they site every month. http://anti-spyware-review.toptenreviews.com/ http://anti-virus-software-review.toptenreviews.com/ http://personal-firewall-software-review.toptenreviews.com/
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    Abit Fatal1ty AN9 (Socket AM2) Motherboard

    TSX420J I think you have misunderstood. Sorry if i have confused you.I was referring to other computer hardware sites not you.
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    Abit Fatal1ty AN9 (Socket AM2) Motherboard

    Hi this is my first hello everyone I'm from the uk also. The place i get some of my parts are from ebuyer.com and scan.co.uk. Ebuyer got free delivery on anything if u spend £45. Just got these items for a little upgrade. 2900 XT 512MB £244.43 AMD x2 4200 am2 £64.59...
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    Ten DirectX 10 products are coming from AMD this May