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    Diablo 3 Declared 'Fastest Selling PC Game' Ever

    Here a good read : http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/showthread.php?t=123655&highlight=always+online+DRM
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    Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse Pictured by FCC

    I have a RAT and yes this look a bit like a one. It's the adjustable butt (?) and the thumb and pinkie rests that made it look like a RAT. What else can they design? Most of the radical mouse designs featured in TPU are usually called ugly or ripped from other mouse. It's like calling the...
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    RunCore Launches InVincible SSD with Physical Self-Destruction

    Wasn't there a case recently involving some police officer busting into a guy's room for suspected possession of child pornography and the suspect simply sliced his PC in half with a Katana to "destroy" any incriminating digital evidence? In his underwear no less. Bet he's cursing now at this...
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    Motorola Wins Sales Injunction in Germany Against Windows 7 and Xbox 360

    Apple forced Adobe to drop Flash in favor of HTML 5 which supports H.264. Google is in the process of acquiring Motorola, owner of those two patents concerning H.264. Apple and Google both big supporters of HTML5. Why do I have the feeling that Apple and Google are the ultimate villains? They...
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    Inno3D Announces the iChill HerculeZ 3000 GTX 680 Graphics Card

    It looks like a critical electronic component some hero would pull out in a sci-fi movie scene where the space battleship is crumbling and there aliens are getting through the walls.
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    Motorola Wins Sales Injunction in Germany Against Windows 7 and Xbox 360

    So when people do start paying for add ons that were free in the earlier versions, should they be angry with with Microsoft or Motorola/Google? This feels like Microsoft vs the anti virus software vendors pertaining to its plan to use Windows Defender. Microsoft is scorned for the lack of...
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    Japan's Nexon Attempting to Buy Out EA?

    EA is focusing on tons of DLCs for its games and one of its games, Simcity, will be online only... Now Nexon, an online games developer/distributor is seeking to buy EA? How poetic.
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    Apple Seeks to Patent MacBook Air Design, OLED Brightness

    Hmmm...I guess they learned their lesson with the Chinese company that owned the name iPad before it did. Must be a bitter experience for them. Now, Apple is trying to do the same with its major rivals. Get a patent for a technology that even Apple have yet to use but the industry will...
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    Crysis 3 Debut Trailer Posted

    A Nanosuit in an actual jungle growing out of a concrete jungle under a huge protective dome. Can't get more sci-fi than that.
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    Corsair Adds Wireless Headsets and PC Cases to Vengeance Gaming Line

    Hmmm....a gaming PC totally made out from Corsair Vengeance products. Interesting. The ammo box case looks nice especially the green one. Just what I've been looking for. Now what about a Corsair Vengeance monitor, HDD and optical drive.
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    Windows 7 64-bit now used by majority of Steam owners

    After a week of playing around with my freshly installed Windows 7 64 bit last September, I was so disappointed with myself for not getting it earlier. I still have the old Win XP on another HDD just in case. Unfortunately it have been months since I last booted it up since the Win 7 seems to...
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    Elecom Unveils New Projection Keyboard

    Funny. A week ago and friend and I were just talking about this technology and how it might be a game changer if it merged into mobile devices.
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    logitech 3 d pro

    I'm a lefty but I do find the Logitech 3D Pro is rather comfortable even with the devil's hand. The nice curve for the button allows it to be a usable nicely for a lefty (well, for me anyway). I couldn't say the same for the Logitech G930. I have to re-learn using a joystick with my right hand...
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    When was your last system boot?

    If it at work (I stayed there during the week days and went home for the weekends), every 12 hours since it's also the time they switched generators. At home I usually forget to turn it off. Last week I spent most of my time away from work so the PC is left on for almost the whole week. Same...
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    Valve Working On Its Own Gaming Hardware, the "Steam Box"

    I want the PC to be accessible for both high end PC gamers and casual PC gamers who doesn't know anything DIY. Should the SteamBox (they really should get a better name for it). If the SteamBox could force the game developers to make their games playable on a lower spec PC extremely well then...
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    Windows 8 Has a Killswitch

    "...advocates of privacy and free-speech..." At times I agree with these people but at times I wonder whether the things that they are protesting against are logical or beneficial for all. Microsoft and Intel several years ago planned to put some sort of control chips in mobos so that Windows...
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    Lumus OE-31 Turns You Into a Cyborg

    First we see people sitting down at the park benches talking to bricks (mobile phones). Then, we see people talking to themselves (bluetooth headset). Now, we see people looking at and touching pads. Soon we see people just sit there....staring into nothingness.
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    Rescuecom Reveals 2012 Computer Reliability Report

    I'm still using a Celeron powered Compag Presario M2000 laptop that I bought from a friend. The original power adapter is dead and replaced with a cheap universal one. The battery wouldn't last half an hour. The cpu fan died long ago and I have to rely on the cooling pad to keep it cool. The...
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    ASRock Introduces Fantastic Scout Mode in its Top Gaming Sound Card - Game Blaster!

    "It is a proprietary technology that allows you to hear your enemies from further away, giving you a distinct tactical advantage in combat." Try using that Scout mode in Battlefield 3. Sure I can hear a tank clanking around from far away. I can pinpoint gun shots accurately. I can hear...
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    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Thread

    I've just downloaded the demo last week and still on the fence whether to buy it or not. The combat is refreshing but the graphics is not really that appealing. I'm a not a graphic whore but Kingdoms of Amalur reminds me too much Torchlight, as if it's the third person version- like the multiple...
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    Windows Flag Logo Gets a Facelift, Not A Flag Anymore

    At least they're square tiles, referring to the tiles that will be a big thing for Win 8. I thought the mock up logo look too much like the freedom symbol (inspired by the window of the attic) used by the Caesar the super ape in the Rise of The Planet of the Apes.
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    Thermalright Coming Up with the Silver Arrow SB-E CPU Cooler

    What is that? Looks like spare parts from the Hadron Colllider. I don't think my Vengeance sticks would allow this monster in.
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    PC Motherboard Prices to Rise By 10% By Q2, 2012

    Aww....man.. I promised a good friend of mind that I'll help him build a decent gaming PC for him this year, which would be slightly similar to mine. This won't bode well for him.
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    HDTV's and PC's - Info and help thread

    Nice thread. Have been using the living room's 42" HDTV occasionally and currently looking one for my PC. I enjoyed the big screen for flight sims and racing games but for multiplayer FPS, I do feel it's hindering me. Is there any list of recommended HDTVs from the TPU forum? A poll from the...
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    Google To Supply 27,000 Chromebooks to US Schools

    With Anonymous running rampant and constantly attacking with every little move from any government they see a little bit not to their liking, having your stuff put solely on online servers is not a really good idea. Sure they have limits like NOT attacking their means of communication like...