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  1. J

    LG EA93 29-Inch Monitor Priced in Europe

    What's the point..? You can get a used 3007WFP-HC for less than 600$ by now.
  2. J

    Make Your Move to Windows 8 with Seagate

    What is this, an advertisement?
  3. J

    Colorful Announces GeForce GT 640 Quad-View Graphics Card

    Oh no you di-ent :cool:
  4. J

    Century Outs 10-bay 3.5-inch SATA Drive Tower

    This sounds awesome for FlexRAID, unless I missed something. But only if you're planning to fill it up with 3TB drives.. 500$ is pricey.
  5. J

    TechPowerUp & PowerColor "Pimp my Rig" 2012 - Details and Goodies for our Readers

    Boy, the description leaves practically everything to be desired. So, I have to come up with the lowest spec rig that can accommodate a DX9 GPU, in order to score the lowest on 3DMark03? Well, how is that a competition? Just get the slowest DX9 card and underclock it. Also, what does it have...
  6. J

    Spire Announces the Versis PC Chassis

    0.6mm steel? I have 0.5mm Aluminum that I can easily bend with my heads.
  7. J

    ARCHOS Announces GamePad, a Gaming Tablet That Revolutionizes Android Gaming

    So, it's a 7-inch PSP? Seriously..?
  8. J

    Samsung Electronics Launches LED Square Display and Transparent Display

    Holy shit that's one low resolution. Also, I hate borders!
  9. J

    Thecus Announces N7510 7-Bay NAS

    That looks nice. Especially for FlexRAID. Price..?
  10. J

    Blizzard Servers Hacked, User Data Compromised

    Just like Sony, they have more than enough money and more than enough riding on their online integrity to let something like happen. I would say it is either something unavoidable or they're really trying to skim the bottom line..
  11. J

    Toshiba to Launch High Capacity 3 TB 3.5-inch HDD for Consumer Products

    But doesn't it double at like 60+ dBa every 1 dBa?
  12. J

    Genius Imperator Gaming Keyboard Is Now Available for the US and Canada

    OMG!! A keyboard that is compatible with Windows 7!! Now I can finally type using Windows 7!!!
  13. J

    TP-Link Announces N600 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter

    Yeah, their Single-Band Wireless-N model is what I use all the time on my laptop. Only downside is the ridiculous size.
  14. J

    Toshiba Announces Next-Generation 10,000 RPM-Class Enterprise Storage HDDs

    He asked for 10k SATA drives. Those are SAS.
  15. J

    GIGABYTE Launches World's First Fully Certified Dual Port Thunderbolt Motherboards

    Can I ask - what's the point of Thunderbolt? If you create a USB 4.0, you'll have backwards compatibility with practically every device ever created. I thought the days of Firewire and the like are over. Back when Firewire was popular, it was far better. Now, the difference between 5Gbps or...
  16. J

    Final Fantasy VII PC Revamp Confirmed

    I'm a die-hard FFVII purist, so I'm glad they didn't change anything.. But I've been playing the game at 1920x1080/2560x1600 w/16xQAA for over half a decade now.. All you need are the original discs (mint condition :p) and a PS1 emulator. It runs on a P4.
  17. J

    Toshiba Responds to Jury Verdict in a U.S. Class Action for LCD Price Fixing

    Not really. I haven't bought an HDD in over a year because of the prices. Meanwhile, I've purchased 3 SSDs. I'd say they're losing market share.
  18. J

    Samsung's Award-Winning Series 9 Monitor Now Available

    Borders kill it. For 1,200$ I want no borders what-so-ever!
  19. J

    Lian Li Announces EATX Supported Chassis with Front Placed PSU - PC-V750

    Can hold 6 HDD's SAFELY. SAFELY, Damnit. I can fit 16 in there with aftermarket/DIY brackets..
  20. J

    MSI Intel 6/7 Series Mainboards Officially Certified for Windows 8

    Why would the OS care what motherboard you're using?
  21. J

    Doom 3 BFG Releases October 16th

    Wait.. so, is Doom 1 also made into 3D or just "included"? IMHO, it makes more sense to remake Doom 1 and Doom 2 into 3D than Doom 3.. which was already in 3D. I mean, they upped some shader effects and modded it slightly.. is that really worth pretty much the same price as the original when...
  22. J

    EA Starts Medal of Honor Charity for Fallen Soldiers

    Am I being pessimistic? I can't see any reason for their doing this except as PR. I can't even begin to consider that they actually care.. maybe one person does.
  23. J

    Century Japan Sells "Value" 16 GB DDR3-1600 RDIMM

    Woah, what? I must have been out of the loop because I thought 8GB modules were still selling for 300$.
  24. J

    Nintendo’s Wii U Ushers in New Age of Video Games with Second-Screen Experience

    Nintendo Ushers in a New Age in Video Game Gimmicks.
  25. J

    Judge Recommends US Xbox 360 Ban in Motorola Dispute

    Motorola claims that enforcing property rights take precedence over public good?! :banghead: THIS is why the copyright/patent system/perception is fucked beyond fixing.