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  1. devguy

    ASRock Unveils Fatal1ty 970 Performance Socket AM3+ Motherboard

    I found the whole Fatal1ty branding thing weird and tired years ago. ...It's still around?
  2. devguy

    Canonical Introduces Ubuntu 13.10

    I'm still running Ubuntu 12.04.2 as it's stable (and I've been lazy). But I'll probably move to this version as my final chapter with Ubuntu; I'm not on board with the whole Mir thing, and would, quite frankly, hope to see it falter in favor of Wayland. BTW, AMD's latest Catalyst Beta works...
  3. devguy

    HP Releases the Chromebook 11

    Ugh, they continue with the 1366x768 resolution. I used to have an 11.6" HP Brazos laptop and I hated that resolution (as well as their clickpads, but that is a different story). Please, make 1600x900 the minimum resolution for 13.6" and under laptops, lol!
  4. devguy

    [FS][US] Devguy's Wares

    Bump, PS3 added.
  5. devguy

    ASUS Launches World's First Motherboards for AMD FM2+ APUs

    If I recall correctly, AMD released the AM3+ 9xx series chipsets well in advance of the Zambezi FX processors. For quite some time, all 9xx series motherboards were reviewed with the Thuban Phenom II processor. Hell, my ASUS 970 motherboard I bought back then is still housing my Thuban, as I...
  6. devguy

    DirectX 11.2 Exclusive to Windows 8.1 and Xbox One

    It does have Linux support...
  7. devguy

    Unigine Announces Valley GPU Benchmark

    Demo doesn't let me run at my native 4800x900 like Heaven does (maxes out at 4096 in vertical res). The multiple monitor option is giving me trouble. I got around 32fps average at 1600x900 full screen on one monitor. Catalyst 13.2 Beta 3 drivers used on Radeon HD 7950 with stock clocks.
  8. devguy

    Mad Catz Ships Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Arcade FightStick

    I guess they're not all they're cracked up to be...
  9. devguy

    Intel Core i7 "Haswell" M-Series Notebook CPU Lineup Detailed

    *Sniff* <misses the days of the Athlon XP 2500+ M>
  10. devguy

    AMD Radeon HD 8000M Series Detailed, Performance Figures Released

    I see, I guess I misunderstood it (thankfully).
  11. devguy

    AMD Radeon HD 8000M Series Detailed, Performance Figures Released

    Don't really like some of this naming convention. One of the pictures shows that an HD 8700M can be clocked identically to an HD 8500M (and all the hardware is identical), and still be called the 8700M. What incentive does a manufacturer have to list their notebook as having an HD 8500M, when...
  12. devguy

    AMD Rolls Out the Catalyst 12.11 Beta 11 Driver

    This OMG, thank goodness. I was wrecking my brain thinking it was something wrong with my config files and such.
  13. devguy

    ASUS VivoBook U38DT Ultrabook Pops Up with Radeon HD 8550M Graphics

    I agree that a 13.3" screen should have a minimum of 1600x900 screen. Save the 1366x768 to 10.1" and smaller screens. For me, though, 1080p is only necessary at 15.6" and higher screen sizes.
  14. devguy

    AMD Powers Brilliant HD Game and Video Performance for Nintendo's Wii U

    Well, they designed the GPUs for the Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, and likely are making the Xbox 720 GPU as well. Not to mention that their APU is likely being used in the PS4 (possibly with Hybrid CrossfireX), and that is all in addition to their CPU/GPU/Other divisions. Times are rough, and...
  15. devguy

    Microsoft Gifts Xbox Live Veterans 10th Anniversary Special Edition Xbox 360

    Yeah, Xbox Live launched on the original Xbox with Unreal Championship/Mechassault, but it wasn't really popular until Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War was released. It then really took off with the launch of Halo 2, and the rest is history.
  16. devguy

    ZOTAC Launches New 2nd Generation AMD A-Series Platforms

    lol, the first picture says, "ASS-ITX WIFI". Do not want.
  17. devguy

    NVIDIA Delivers Massive Performance Boost to Linux Gaming

    Also, AMD is working on a major test version of their FGLRX (FireGL and Radeon X Driver) specifically for Source games. See here.
  18. devguy

    NVIDIA Delivers Massive Performance Boost to Linux Gaming

    Haha, some of us like the quickest way possible of doing certain tasks in Linux, which means entering them in a terminal window. All those things he did can be accomplished using a full, easy-to-use gui in the Ubuntu Software Center. Granted, for now you'd have to know the name of the...
  19. devguy

    AMD Readies "Tahiti" Based Radeon HD 7800 Series Product

    Yeah, call it 7930, or GTFO.
  20. devguy

    No New FX Processor From AMD in 2013

    Read this. Now continue speculating.
  21. devguy

    AMD FX-8350 4.0 GHz - "Piledriver" for AMD Socket AM3+

    Nice review, but Cadaveca, isn't Intel on the 22nm process, not the 28nm one? I believe AMD is planning on moving it's new Fusion chips to 28nm, so maybe that's where the confusion is?
  22. devguy

    Google Outs 11.6-inch Samsung Chromebook

    It makes me sad that Netflix constantly says they refuse to support Linux, probably because of too few users or DRM concerns. However, they support ChromeOS, an OS that no one I know uses or have used, and through a Chrome plugin, no less. Why not just freaking release the Chrome plugin for...
  23. devguy

    Lenovo ThinkPad T430u Ultrabook Arrives Later This Month

    My view on resolutions/screen size for 16x9 screens: MINIMUM: 7" - 1024x600 10.1/11.1/12.1" - 1366x768 13.3/14.1/15.6" - 1600x900 >15.6" - 1920x1080 But as mentioned, this is a cheaper "Ultrabook", so don't expect such high-end features at this combo of price and thickness.
  24. devguy

    MSI Barricade Case Pictured

    Presenting: the MSI Barricase