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  1. eidairaman1

    1920x1200, 1440p, 2K-4K Monitor Suggestions?

    Alright TPU community, looking for a good monitor. My trusty NEC Multisync LCD 1700V is starting to fail after 16 years of service due tobacklight or board are failing to illuminate the screen, have to disconnect power brick and reconnect to illuminate it at times. I am using a Sapphire R9 290...
  2. eidairaman1

    Windows 10 PCs Being used as Endpoint Update Servers

    I'm unaware if this has been posted but I thought I'd share it. https://blog.techygeekshome.info/2017/09/microsoft-using-computer-windows-update-distribution-point/?utm_campaign=crowdfire&utm_content=crowdfire&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_page#1447484412146375-fp#1508438510994 I think...
  3. eidairaman1

    Ryzen Memory Tips

    Seems to be good memory learning tips from AMD https://community.amd.com/community/gaming/blog/2017/07/14/memory-oc-showdown-frequency-vs-memory-timings?sf98152750=1
  4. eidairaman1

    MSI AB, Sapphire R9 290 VaporX BIOS mods

    Well as of today I finally got back into overclocking GPUs after almost 10 years of hiatus. I have the latest version of AB installed and I am currently using Crimson Relive 16.12.1 drivers. AB settings that are enabled are in this image...
  5. eidairaman1

    Memory Clock Testing

    I am looking for a Benchmark to test my memory as I am now dabbling in adjusting its timings to fine tune them to see if it helps or harms the performance. I currently have the ram at 2400 (1200) with the Fastest Trident timings for a 16GB Kit other than the last 2 Values being lower than...
  6. eidairaman1

    Theme Building for Touchwiz

    I'd like to build a theme for the Touchwiz Interface on my Galaxy S5 SM-G900T, I am unsure where to start, any pointers are welcome thanks.
  7. eidairaman1

    MTP issues SM-G900T (Galaxy S5)

    Ok Im having an issue where I have the Samsung ISB driver installed on Windows but when I plug In it searches for mtp driver it fails so i cant access the phones storage I am using a Modified Rom called Bobcat Rom from XDA forums it is based on KKVersion for SM-G900F. My phone is G900T using...
  8. eidairaman1

    Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) PC Remake Demo

    I know this is a old game now however a team of fans remade this game using Unity, looks better than the XB360/PS3 Versions Night Mod . It actually looks like I'd want to play this now.
  9. eidairaman1

    Pulled from NextPowerUP- Dutch Regulators Tell T-Mobile To End Its Data Exemptions For Music Stream

    This is bull- I'd tell the Dutch Regulators Piss off and pull their service out. T-Mobile has been the best provider for me in the U.S. as of Equipment and Service Coverage.
  10. eidairaman1

    TEMPORARY FIX for Crimson 16.5.2-16.10.3 slow boot "Please Wait" issue on Windows 7

    I finally found a fix for those wondering on Windows 7. The AMD External Event Utility is the cause of the delay on Windows 7 Boot since 16.5.2. For once someone on AMD forums had a good suggestion instead of the moderators just stating it's a known issue and they are working on it but without...
  11. eidairaman1

    Recent File List

    for the tweakers out there, In programs like Paint and Flash Stand Alone- is there a command that can be implemented into the registry to stop Recent File List History from displaying on the File Menu of such programs. Like a String, Key Etc? I like to keep my rig from prying eyes. I am using...
  12. eidairaman1

    Sam Galaxy S5 G900T Firmware

    I just recently downgraded from Marshmallow 6.0.1 to KitKat 4.4.2 due to an update I accidently downloaded and was trying to start which would prevent downgrading versions. Any custom roms yall recommend? I Previously had a GS4 from ATT but they locked the bootloader down.
  13. eidairaman1

    Lower Bandwidth and Tighter timings or Higher bandwidth and Looser Timings AMD FX8350

    Ok y'all here is a whopper question of mine. Is it better to have ram with less overall bandwidth frequency with tighter timings or More bandwidth with a little looser timings with higher voltage for my FX 8350 (Overclocked at 5.1Ghz) My memory is Gskill Ripjaws X 2133 MHz part number...
  14. eidairaman1

    A Question about SSHD APM

    I have a Seagate Momentus XT 750 GigaByte 7200 RPM (698 GibiByte) SSHD, I've been looking for a means to turn off the APM function of the platter spinning down on it. It's a major hindrance when it comes to gaming. Any Ideas?
  15. eidairaman1

    Heaven 4.0 Question

    ok I get this when trying to load the program at 1280x1024, Only things I've done in windows, since the ssd was supposedly not optimized I set it to max performance with the hibernation set to off and adjusted windows paging to 2048Mib (Jetster's settings). The only other thing is, there is no...
  16. eidairaman1

    A question about samsung magician

    On the main page where "Disk Drive" title is; I see under "System information" it states "OS Optimization" with a ? by it. Underneath it states "Not Configured". Underneath that it states, "Your OS is currently optimized for use with an HDD. You can optimize it for use with a SSD via the OS...
  17. eidairaman1

    need help

    Im having difficulty getting my sound card to be detected in windows 7 64bit. Check my specs. Unfortunately the card has to sit in the last pcie slot which configs for 8x due to gpu being so huge. Any ideas?
  18. eidairaman1

    forum trophies

    What are they and is there a way to see why you earned them?
  19. eidairaman1


    Check it out here http://techcrunch.com/2014/09/29/sam-is-a-wireless-electronics-kit-that-wants-to-make-coding-connected-objects-super-simple/?ncid=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Techcrunch+%28TechCrunch%29&utm_content=FaceBook
  20. eidairaman1


    Im stuck between both boards as of decision The XFX is considerably less. Is a reference board design (more compatible bios code for it) with custom cooler which looks nice. The Sapphire is totally customized but costs more. AMD only.
  21. eidairaman1

    What to Choose in a PSU- SO many questions now

    Ive been out of the Loop for some time on building a machine, Im Looking to get a PSU for the Build in my Sig Rig Should go I with a 1000 Watt or Go Higher Do I need a Single 12V Rail or Multi 12V Rails?-Does Higher Amperage Matter? I will at Most Run 2 Video Cards at a Time (Crossfire X, or...
  22. eidairaman1

    Case Fan Suggestions

    Im looking for High Quality Case fans- that are built to last/durable, and provide great air flow without sounding like a blow dryer or higher noise level, I need 2x 230 MM and 6 x 140MM Case I have is http://www.aerocool.com.tw/images/case/PGS-B/xp_blue/images/x_b_side_1.png Specs I found for...
  23. eidairaman1

    False Positive?

    Well Ive been looking for reviews of a specific motherboard, a website by the name ocdrift.com/review-asrock-990fx-extreme-9/ popped avast into action, Im just warning other users of this site, unsure if its a legit viral attack or if its a false positive
  24. eidairaman1

    New Gaming Rig (AMD)

    New build sheet- Aircooled (Not fond of Self contained waterloops) AsRock 990FX Extreme 9 or A88X Killer, Extreme 6 Vishera 4350/8000/9000 or Richland 6800K or Kaveri 7950K Enermax PSU -800-1500 Watt 280X or 290X After Market 16 GB Memory- GSkill, Geil, Team (tighest Timings, voltage...
  25. eidairaman1

    Sega mods

    check these out Sega Fusion (Genesis+SegaCD+32X) (project phoenix)... The Sega Exodus - YouTube Overclocked + Fully Modded Mega Drive - Comparing ... Keep Dreaming - Sega Dreamcast in HD 1080p with HD... Im only just sharing something cool, i own non of these