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  1. LuMaCeMo

    [Case Gallery] [DIY] CASE FOR GAMER – GLADIATOR - designed by vdz

    I voted 1/10 because: its GLADIATOR i dont lik so ........
  2. LuMaCeMo

    [Case Gallery] CM RC430 ELITE

    No Mod Yet If you did not do any modding, why you post it on here ,.!? Joking! Looks not to bad bud seen better and worse Try make it look cool by addind things u like. Big Fans, good cable mangement route the cables nicely stag them ............. Ad a light ......
  3. LuMaCeMo

    [Case Gallery] CM 690 II Watercooled V.1 From Thailand

    No clear view at the MotherBoard,case way to smal, colors not cool no sorry it bad for me..
  4. LuMaCeMo

    [Case Gallery] NeoNBlue

    Acrylic Case Yo bro, nice you like Acrylic Case to, if you like to use 120mm fans they have a sunbeam case the 9-Bay Acrylic Case has 120mm holes, anyway so if you can build 1 yourself, you can costumize it totaly how you like. I have a very old sunbeam and i made costum holes in it like you...
  5. LuMaCeMo

    [Case Gallery] ANTEC 300

    I voted 3/10 because: you name this a mod its just a case so i give u a poor. its just standart piece case.
  6. LuMaCeMo

    [Case Gallery] NeoNBlue

    Atleast you can can tell me wat you think is bad about this case. Its al about taste dude, it doenst say if you dont like it its the rest of the world !!!
  7. LuMaCeMo

    [Case Gallery] NeoNBlue

    added a new picture from the inside Inside view of the case
  8. LuMaCeMo

    [Case Gallery] Midgard

    I voted 1/10 because: Doesnt look very slick !
  9. LuMaCeMo

    [Case Gallery] Midgard

    Cabels every where around, just simple coolers and looking to boring !!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. LuMaCeMo

    [Case Gallery] Project COOL v2

    can u show us the inside ?
  11. LuMaCeMo

    [Case Gallery] NeoNBlue

    you mean the clear fans like the ones on the side of the case ?
  12. LuMaCeMo

    [Case Gallery] NeoNBlue

    Thankz for the nice comment en high votes, i like the black with blue led`s 120mm fans more sorry, they r les bright bud i good flow.
  13. LuMaCeMo

    [Case Gallery] NeoNBlue

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz P6X58D PREMIUM Socket 1366 LGA OCZ DDR3 6GB PC3-16000 Platinum Triple Channel NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 Core216 2way SLI Raid stripe set WD 500GB Caviar black Mods: Costum added triple 120mm coolermaster...
  14. LuMaCeMo

    [Case Gallery] rog gamer III

    Bad balence between colors sorry i dont like it, the rog colors should be come back into the case.