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    GTA 4 gets awesome new photorealistic graphics

    I hope they allow modding for GTA5 as well lol.
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    Youtube Compression Artifacts

    Hello Hello. I wanted to ask if anyone have any advice in preventing from causing compression artifacts, macroblocking, square-ish blurs. It usually occurs in portions of videos where there is movement and/or there is a bit of detail on screen. Below is the video of what I mean. It is most...
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    New vid card, but no signal or beep.

    lol, i did check the DVI when you suggested it :p, but I only checked one end of it. ah well. you win!
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    New vid card, but no signal or beep.

    LOL :P.. it appears I used the wrong DVI cable. I used to have 2 (2 DVI cables) monitors and I removed one monitor, but left the cable of the other monitor lying around. So I was using the DVI cable that wasn't attached to a monitor. lol. Quite embarassing.
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    New vid card, but no signal or beep.

    I recently got a 760 gtx 2gb. I was replacing my 6870 radeon sapphire 1gb. My current build is Intel i5 3570k asrock z77 extreme4 8gb ram 2 harddrives Evo hyper coolere 212 corsair tx650w I tried to install the 760 today, but I got no signal on my monitor and no beep. So at that point I...
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    Titanfall Poll

    I bought it a few days ago and I thought it was alrite. To be honest, there isn't that many guns or gun customizations. I hope it is mod-able so people can make their own maps and even game modes. I did make a small video demonstrating the only fun thing to do in the game.
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    Can't wait for the new expansion of Diablo 3, Reaper of Souls!

    i tend to hold grudges ;P... and i dont think i will go back to d3.. unless this expansion is free or cost 5-10 USD.
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    Saints Row 4 (IV) Discussion

    Why is that? hehe.
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    Saints Row 4 (IV) Discussion

    I WOULD get GTA5, but I dont have console Q_Q... maybe when I get PS4.
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    Saints Row 4 (IV) Discussion

    Yeah. I thought it was weird it didnt have DX9, since with SR3, first thing it asks is if you want to play it in DX9 or DX10/11. I think SR4 is a lil bit unstable, at least on Ultra for me, which is no problem for me on SR3. Occasional time where my game's FPS goes down to 2-3 and end up...
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    Saints Row 4 (IV) Discussion

    I am kinda surprised that there isnt a Saints Row 4 Discussion Thread here. Usually I see NukemDukem do it xD. Since it was a major game in the last 1-2 weeks. I think I saw a thread that had a trailer for Saints Row 4 previously. I think Saints Row (SR) 4 is kinda way, way, way out there...
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    Mars rover says: 'good evening gale crater!'

    must be a very small, ugly moon to create that solar eclipse hehe.
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    Giveaway: Bastion, Mark of the Ninja, Ace of Spade Complete Pack

    aww poop i only have 13 thanks ;s.
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    Giveaway: Nvidia $75 (Planetside 2 / WoT / Hawken) Coupon

    Planetside 2 is awesome especially with 20 heavy assaults on a platform at dome shooting at things. That awkward moment when you crash a aircraft dropship carrying fullload
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    Left 4 Dead 3 Possible "Down The Road"

    Nothing will get done since it is "3rd" in the series.
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    Hatsune Miku game called Miku Monogatari ~Yume to Taisetsu na Mono

    haha. lil vampire girl ;3... girls make the best vampires
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    Hatsune Miku game called Miku Monogatari ~Yume to Taisetsu na Mono

    I dont think so... Although I did reference it lol when I fought a crab boss. Kinda weird that there was a crab out of no where. Bekmonogatari... I liked it for shenjogahara haha... such a tease.
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    The next gen of gaming consoles - PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U - Which would you choose?

    The problem with XBOX1 is that the people at microsoft tried to implement the crap that they tried to implement that got people mad. If they are lame enough to even suggest such a thing, it scares me if they might change their minds later. Unless there are multiple sexy, hot, steamy games...
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    Hatsune Miku game called Miku Monogatari ~Yume to Taisetsu na Mono

    Ah that is cool. I am also looking for more free games to play as well. I'll post the link on that thread. So you must be the resident Japanese expert in these parts of the forum? ^^ You know what? I will say Miku Mono in the future haha.. Cause it is a mouthful for me since I don't speak...
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    Free Games Thread

    This is a free japanese 2-d platformer game that is based around a popular Japanese pop culture icon, Hatsune Miku http://www.freem.ne.jp/dl/win/4864
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    Hatsune Miku game called Miku Monogatari ~Yume to Taisetsu na Mono

    I didn't know the rules for posting links for games for this forum XD. I would have posted screen shots, but I saw that its not allowed. I suppose the easiest would be Miku Monogatari (Miku's Story). Also, the download site is not exactly easy to navigate (I do believe most people here are...
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    Hatsune Miku game called Miku Monogatari ~Yume to Taisetsu na Mono

    Hello Hello! So I recently come across an indie 2-d platformer "Hatsune Miku game called Miku Monogatari ~Yume to Taisetsu na Mono" (Miku's story - dreams and important things). I call it Hatsune Miku Monogatari Yume for short. I'd get tongue tied saying the long version multiple times haha...
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    Recording with my build

    lol why do people have like 800+... 1000w PSU? also some more videos. http://youtu.be/U8y864UN-qI http://youtu.be/Z6mIywWYZoM http://youtu.be/97Eq2fEbECk Like and Subscribe. Do it for Wah Wah, if not my failure and awkwardness ^^
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    CPU coolers

    I got the CM hyper 212 plus and some artic 5 thermal paste. It is kinda loud =|, but it was at fan speed 10 (max) and the default CPU target temperature was 45C, about 51C at 100% cpu load. I lowered the fan speed down to 5 and its 53C at 100% cpu load. I am lowering it as much as i can without...
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    CPU coolers

    also speak of the devil.. NE sent me some discount codes. 15% off CPU coolers. lol how convinient.