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    Magewell Ships the Pro Capture HDMI 4K Plus LT

    The Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro is a 4K capture card that costs about half at ~$399 USD.
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    Toshiba to Enable 14 TB, PMR HDDs as Soon as 2018

    Define cheap,....
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    Looking to get VR for Xmas what one to get?

    I have an Oculus Rift but I think that the Vive is the better product. Even the Vive is likely due to be outpaced by products with better specs like the Pimax 8K. Vive has better tracking and as already stated before other manufacturers will have HMD models that will be using Vive tracking...
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    Elgato 4K60 Pro Capture Card Lets You Record 4K Footage at 60 FPS Flawlessly

    There is no mention of an H.265 encoder. I agree the ~$473 USD price is a bit much. This sort of reminds me of the Hauppauge HD PVR and Hauppauge Colossus card but in a 4K version. Nice to see but I have no need at this point and time. (91) 4K Capture Card, Best Webcam EVER & Easy...
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    ASRock Rack Intros C3758D4I-4L Mini-ITX Motherboard with Atom 8-core SoC

    If there is a question about anything one need only look at the manual: http://asrock.pc.cdn.bitgravity.com/Manual/C3758D4I-4L.pdf For what its worth this is the first Atom SoC I've seen with Thunderbolt support. Or at least that is what the "Thunderbolt AIC Connector (TB1)" port suggest. The...
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    Pimax to Launch 8K, Next-Generation VR Headsets via KickStarter

    Marketing issues aside I'm not convinced that Pimax has a solid product here. I am interested and the specs look good but this really is the type of thing you have to experience firsthand. I wouldn't put down that kind of money without at least trying it. The minimum specs are an interesting...
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    Seagate Ready with HAMR Technology Enabling 20TB HDDs by 2018

    I wouldn't worry about just yet. These HAMR drives will likely bee too expensive for anything other then enterprise use or there abouts. So they probably be out of the typical consumer price range. If there is an inherent flaw in the tech it won't be you or me that will be finding it out.
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    Raidmax Intros Cobra RGB Series AIO Liquid CPU Coolers

    No Threadripper support,....... One can overlook that I guess. Its not like Threadripper is a impulse buy and market saturation is likely low. Still there isn't much in the way of innovation here unless you count ugly color schemes and RGB. Those are the type of things I typically overlook...
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    Antec Announces the P110 Luce Chassis

    Yeah, I still have an Antec P180 (full) its a great case and yes Fractal ripped off the design wholesale,.......
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    Antec Announces the P110 Luce Chassis

    I was going to say that very thing,.... I've seen a number of Fractal cases that looked like replicas of well established Antec designs. Too many to count in fact.
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    Oculus VR Announces the $199 Oculus Go VR HMD

    I actually think this is a good idea implemented poorly. Normally I wouldn't say that without at least testing Oculus Go but IMO a mobile HMD should have a video pass-through that allows for PC GPU / CPU functionality as well as untethered independent mobile use. Inside-out tracking would be...
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    Samsung's Odyssey Headset is New Leader in Windows Mixed Reality

    (56) PROJECTIONS, Episode 25: Windows Mixed Reality and Samsung's HMD Odyssey - YouTube It looks interesting but a bump to 1440 and 1600 isn't IMO enough. 2160 would be ideal. Also occlusion is presumably an issue with Microsoft's inside out tracking and their controllers. So as soon as...
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    HGST Announces World's First 14 Terabyte Hard Drive

    In early 2016 a WD Red 8TB drive would cost about ~$330 USD. Now you can find them for about ~$269 depending on where you look. If you are willing to forgo the 3yr warranty you can buy a Mybook 8TB or EasyStore 8TB drive for as little as ~$159. Prices are dropping there is no question about...
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    HGST Announces World's First 14 Terabyte Hard Drive

    Your not being very specific. A 1TB HDD can be had for something like ~$45 USD and I would consider that cheap or cheaper then they used to be. If your referring to larger capacity drives those too hav gone down. 8TB drives you see to be more expensive. I’d rather see reliability go up rather...
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    QNAP Rolls out Quad-core 4-bay TS-453BT3 Thunderbolt 3 NAS

    Could be worse,..... QNAP has some NAS units with Thunderbolt support that go as high as about ~$3500 USD and possibly more. Granted they aren't Celeron based though,....
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    QNAP Rolls out Quad-core 4-bay TS-453BT3 Thunderbolt 3 NAS

    An interesting product and I think QNAP has an edge over Synology. The 2 x HDMI v1.4b (up to 4K UHD) seems a bit of an odd choice since it really should be HDMI 2.0 or better if they are going to specify 4K support. So its either an error or an oversight IMO. A Celeron processor along with...
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    ADATA Debuts XPG EMIX H30 and I30 Headsets and SOLOX F30 Amplifier

    Well,...... I like the headset stand,...... :)
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    Sony updated PlayStation VR

    PlayStation VR: The Ultimate FAQ – PlayStation.Blog Sony’s updated PlayStation VR won’t block HDR I guess that it is good that Sony is updating their HMD but one has to think that they would also make some more improvements. A higher resolution would be ideal.
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    Pimax 8K VR Headset

    So this is a dual 4K (one for each eye) HMD that looks fairly interesting. You can find it on kickstarter. I would post a link to it here but I don't want to promote it. I was just trying to make people aware of it. There is an interview link on youtube: (51) PROJECTIONS, Episode 24: Pimax...
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    Lian Li Announces PC-Q38 Compact ITX Case

    Looks like a 3D printer to me,....
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    Western Digital Ships 12 TB WD Gold Hard Drives

    This is cheaper then the HGST 12TB (a division of WD) by about ~$100 to $200 USD.
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    Intel to Implement WiGig on Wireless VR

    Intel focuses its WiGig efforts on wireless VR Sounds like it could be interesting and given the limitations of WiGig it seems like a perfect match for room-scale wireless VR.
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    ASUS Reveals HC102 Windows Mixed Reality Headset

    It is good to see that Microsoft is getting into VR or MR as they call it. However, I do hope that they take the same approach as Steam and make every effort to be a central platform agnostic place for VR. That is to say I don't simply want to see them support only their hardware. Microsoft...
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    ASUS Announces Designo Curve MX38VC, MX32VQ Monitors

    Good point I totally agree. However, how much can one reasonably expect for them to shave off for the speakers?
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    ASUS Reveals HC102 Windows Mixed Reality Headset

    I'm not sure what version of the Acer HMD was used for this evaluation but the video was released in early July which is well before any official Microsoft retail release. In the video it was referred to as a "Develper Edition" but it isn't clear to me that this would actually make any...