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  1. Kent_Diego

    Trouble installing windows 7 on RAID in UEFI

    Need UEFI Boot Device You normally cannot install UEFI from a DVD/CD-ROM drive or with the Windows DVD. If you Google around you will find how to make a special Windows UEFI install USB thumb drive. Set your BIOS to only UEFI. Unless you see a boot device with name starting "UEFI" you are...
  2. Kent_Diego

    i5 3570k and Hyper 212 Plus Temperatures

    I have a i5-3570K and CM Hyper 212 as well. Which CPU temperature? If I run CoreTemp I get 31C idle and 88C max at 4.12 GHz full load. Well under the max Tj of 105C. This is using IntelBurn V2 at very high stress level. If run the ASUS AI Suite utility it reports a much lower CPU temp.
  3. Kent_Diego

    Asus P6T WS Revolution Bios Checksum Failure

    Move the CMOS battery jumper (CLRTC) from pins 1-2 then to pins 2-3 then back to 1-2 with power off.
  4. Kent_Diego

    Asus M4A78LT-M Bios

    The best way is to boot to DOS and use the AFxxxU.exe utility from the ASUS site. If you have floppy make a boot disk. I like to use a NTFS4DOS boot CD and run off the C: hard drive.
  5. Kent_Diego

    Bricked ASUS P5KC - fixable?

    You can fix with SPIPGM2.EXE I had bad flash on my ASUS P5B motherboard. Like an idiot I tried to use ASUS Update in Windows and it went bad. I was able to fix by loading the BIOS through the motherboard's SPI connector. I just made a video showing how to fix. I uploaded SPIPGM2.exe to files...