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  1. h3llb3nd4

    Intel Reports Strong Third-Quarter Results

    Lol indeed:laugh:
  2. h3llb3nd4

    Intel IGPs Use Murky Optimisations for 3DMark Vantage

    doesn't really matter guys, it's not like your gonna play COD with an IGP
  3. h3llb3nd4

    New System, i7? i5?

    Yep, as mentioned above, the i7!!
  4. h3llb3nd4

    ASUS Radeon HD 5770 Benchmarked

    less than I expected, :ohwell:
  5. h3llb3nd4

    NVIDIA GT300 ''Fermi'' Detailed

  6. h3llb3nd4

    AMD Radeon HD 5870 X2 Pictured

    :eek: want want
  7. h3llb3nd4

    Intel Displays LGA-1156 Mini-ITX Motherboard

    OMG!! Sooo Frikkin awesome:eek: dunno what to do with one tho:D
  8. h3llb3nd4

    Thermaltake Launches Contac 29 Multi-Socket Budget CPU Cooler

    LOL indeed, I'd buy one:D
  9. h3llb3nd4

    Tuniq Intros Propeller 120 CPU Cooler

    interesting design
  10. h3llb3nd4

    EK Waterblocks Rolls Out Gold-Plated Special Variants of the EK Supreme

    haha who cares? it triples the size of your e peen:D
  11. h3llb3nd4

    WCG Avatar Request Thread

    haha ok
  12. h3llb3nd4

    WCG Avatar Request Thread

    you guys need the TPU WCG logo? god why didn't you ask meh?
  13. h3llb3nd4

    SteelSeries Introduces New Siberia v2 Headset

    white? where's black?
  14. h3llb3nd4

    I-O Data Unveils HDL-C Series LAN-Disks

    looks pretty clean
  15. h3llb3nd4

    Eurocom Launches World's First i7 Clarksfield Based High-End Notebooks

    Now we wait for better brands to come out with better models
  16. h3llb3nd4

    Arctic Cooling Announces Arctic F- High Performance Case Fans

    nice now some LEDs on it:D
  17. h3llb3nd4

    Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity Edition Spotted

    ah this thing pwns:eek:
  18. h3llb3nd4

    AMD Cypress ''Radeon HD 5870'' Stripped

  19. h3llb3nd4

    NEC Preps White LED Backlit MultiSync Monitor

    the stand needs to be redesigned
  20. h3llb3nd4

    Cuzza's Sega SC-3000H Nano-ITX Mod

    wow, going as planned I see;) nice work cuzza
  21. h3llb3nd4

    Toshiba Introduces Industry's Largest-Capacity, Single-Platter 1.8-inch HDD

    yeah, but when? that's the question...
  22. h3llb3nd4

    Cooler Master Intros Silent Pro M 850W and 1000W PSUs

    indeed, it's the first time I've seen one