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    AMD Unveils its 7th Generation A-Series Desktop APUs

    Not gonna buy it, but would like to see reviews soon. Really curious about the igpu performance with ddr4 at 2800 and up, as AMDs igpu historically scaled with memory speeds....
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    Microsoft XBOX Scorpio SoC Powered by "Polaris" and "Zen"

    Does that image say HBM? Is MS putting HBM2 in the console?
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    ASUS Teases Upcoming G Series Notebooks Powered by "Pascal" GPUs

    17/18 incher with 2 gpus?
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    AMD Increases Notebook Market Traction

    Fwiw, HP was one of the few (ok, the only) OEM that was at least using a dual channel capable motherboard, so you can just buy another stick of memory in these. But otherwise, another wasted opportunity for AMD.
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    Lenovo Readies Y50 Refresh with GTX 960M Graphics and IPS Display

    Lower demand for 17.3 laptops in general plus lower demand for 4K IPS panels in general means no panel manufacturers are making 4K ips 17.3 panels.
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    Lenovo Readies Y50 Refresh with GTX 960M Graphics and IPS Display

    I thought the rumor was that the 960m was just an overclocked 860m.
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    EVGA Announces a GeForce GTX 750 with 2 GB Memory

    It's below a 660 and probably below a 570 (but I am less sure of that). We already know where the 750 Ti performs relative to the 660. Tomshardware, for example, put the 660 at 124% and the 750 ti at 101%, relative to a radeon 7850. Most other reviews were similar. (As always, it will depend...
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    Club 3D Introduces Radeon R7 250 Low Profile and R7 250X Graphics Cards

    7750 LP, rebranded or not, is a nice card. I used a sapphire 7750 LP with gddr5 with great results to squeeze out a little bit more life out of an OptiPlex 745 with a 2.4 ghz core 2 quad. AMD's naming is just driving me nuts, though. The 250/255/250x/250 LP's are a recipe for confusion. You...
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    AMD Readies Radeon HD 7730 Graphics Card

    I thought Richland is the same/nearly the same silicon as Trinity but with better power usage tweaks and will have VLIW4 for the gpu portion. It might still crossfire with the GCN, though.
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    AMD Readies Radeon HD 7730 Graphics Card

    I have 2 7750's - a full height model that I picked up last summer for about $75~$80 AR ($85~$90 before rebate) and a half height model I just picked up $89 AR ($99 before rebate). 448 shaders is half the Bonaire (7790); it's also 64 shaders less than the 7750 (and 192 less than the 7770)...
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    AMD Readies Radeon HD 7730 Graphics Card

    I think they intend to phase out the 40nm chips for a number of reasons (more chips per wafer means more money per area of die for the 28nm chips; 6570/6670 likely to be too close in performance to upcoming haswell and kaveri gpus; newer 28nm GCN chip might xfire better with richland and kaveri...
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    AMD Radeon HD 7790 "Bonaire" Detailed Some More

    I see them getting rid of the 7850 1gb and sliding in the Bonaire into the 650 Ti price, maybe slightly cheaper, and then the 7850 2gb can slide down in price a little as the next round of price cuts take effect. I also don't think the 7790 will have 896 units, it most likely would have 768...
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    ASUS VivoBook U38DT Ultrabook Pops Up with Radeon HD 8550M Graphics

    Given that the CPU is the A8-4555M processor, the 8550M is likely to be a 6600/6700/7500/7600 rebrand in order to balance the gpu's for hybrid crossfire.
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    AMD Readies New Round of Radeon HD 7000 Series Price Cuts

    I thought Nvidia's balance sheet was being boosted by the Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 chips, not the graphics division....
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    Sapphire Launches Low Profile Radeon HD 7750 Card

    Thanks - for some reason IE9 blows up when I look at this site.... need to find another computer, possibly with another browser....
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    Sapphire Launches Low Profile Radeon HD 7750 Card

    Oh, I know that the 7750 is the much better as I already have - I just want a chart that actually puts a number on it for future reference, with actual gaming stats, etc. I already have another computer, also with the 7750 in it ($299 refurb gateway i5-2320 + 8gb ram + 1tb hdd box that was...
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    Sapphire Launches Low Profile Radeon HD 7750 Card

    Is there a chart out there that compares the 4650 ddr2 to the 7750 gddr5? Would like to see how much of a boost this would create - it would be for my backup computer/htpc, so it's not an immediate upgrade for me, just something i would like to know in case prices drop in the future.
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    HIS Announces Low-Profile Radeon HD 7750 iCooler Graphics Card

    I know, but silent/fanless 7750's do exist but they are not low profile - see here: HIS iSilence H775P1GD Radeon HD 7750 1GB 128-bit G... and here: PowerColor Go! Green AX7750 1GBD5-NH Radeon HD 775... And I think there is a sapphire version as well. So it might be doable in low profile...
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    HIS Announces Low-Profile Radeon HD 7750 iCooler Graphics Card

    Past couple of weeks, I think. I think around the same time the reports of the 7970 ghz edition came out. That being said, there were plenty of board partners coming out with higher clock rates that were over the original stock 800mhz. What's not clear to me is whether the 900 mhz also...
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    Sapphire Squeezes Radeon HD 7750 Down to Single-Slot Low-Profile

    I think so, but it might be overpowered. Isn't the A10 basically a quarter of a 6970? Probably puts it around 6500/7500 or 6600/7600 class GPU, not a 7700. My understanding is that dual graphics works best when the GPUs are relatively balanced.
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    AVADirect Releases AMD HD 7970M For Gaming Notebooks

    580M = 675M - Nvidia rebadged the 580M as the 675M for the 6 series.
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    New GK104 SKU Details Surface

    It's 7 SMX units while the 680 has 8 SMX units, so it's probably around that ballpark of 7/8th's the speed of the 680 (plus adjustments for clock speed and bad silicon and memory). My guess is 7/8ths of the 680 but a similar power envelope, but who knows until we get some numbers.