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    [Case Gallery] Borg Cube

    Oh my borg mother! That staff is... ...(uhm) sooo borg! Be aware of assimilation, dude! :D I give u a big 10!
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    [Case Gallery] “Gautama Buddha”PC

    Thank you for your reply! I believe Buddha smiles upon you.
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    [Case Gallery] “Gautama Buddha”PC

    Excellent job! I love it. 10/10! May I ask what do the japanese texts mean? Thx!
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    [Case Gallery] Blue Nightmare

    "Blue Nightmare" huh? Very imaginative. I have nightmares with envy. :) Another 10/10 for you.
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    [Case Gallery] Gaming Rig High End 2012

    Understand. Ty!
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    [Case Gallery] Gaming Rig High End 2012

    Nice work, but why the fans are installed in the opposite direction? Normally, air moves from the front to backward and from bottom to upward in a chassis.
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    [Case Gallery] "Addiction"

    I voted 1/10 because: Dear moderator, you should delete all fake votes, not just mine. Where is the freedom of expression? User withdrew this vote on: Nov 17 2011 19:40
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    [Case Gallery] "Addiction"

    I voted 1/10 because: Almost all comment writers were registered on 17-11-2011? WTF? You made alter egos to get high votes? What a loser! You are a nasty boy! :D User withdrew this vote on: Nov 17 2011 17:21
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    [Case Gallery] Project "Xperience"

    Bah! &@#? Are you serious? Suitable for me. XD 10/10 for you Overclocking.
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    [Case Gallery] EHT Black Pearl

    I voted 1/10 because: it worth a 5 or 6 but not a 10
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    [Case Gallery] BenchAndGames 2011

    I voted 1/10 because: Boring and plain. :DDDD
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    [Case Gallery] Etech

    I voted 10/10 because: Nice work. Never mind the trolls raging. They are envious.
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    [Case Gallery] Call of Duty TF-141 (TRIBUTE) by RENOVATIO

    I voted 10/10 because: Like it. Cheers!
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    [Case Gallery] hungarykiller

    I voted 1/10 because: Cable (non)management is messy as hell. Shitty blurred pix. Etc.