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    dear windows 8 expert. help please

    My mouse suddenly stopped working after an update. Mouse cursor not working in windows but works on bios. I tried two mice. Uhmm. I also tried uninstalling the drivers and performing sys restore. Help please. Tried reflashing mobo bios to 1.70 as well
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    I give up.I need help.

    Bought the fx8320 earlier. I checked the bios on initial boot and it got detected as an 8320. My asrock 970 extreme has an updated bios of 1.70 and should detect and be compatible to vishera. After i restarted the pc i got nothing. No video, no post and no beep. Tried swapping the athlon 640...
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    Upgrading to FX8320 in 2 days

    I'm planning to upgrade my CPU in 2 days as I currently have an Athlon x4 640. (Experienced the bottleneck everyone's talking about but everything is playable:laugh:) Does the 8350 have a big difference than the 8320 or could I achieve the same speed with some mild overclocking? I have a...
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    Vddc too high at stock?

    I'm using a Sapphire 7950 Boost card. I've seen other 7950's before and I feel these are quite high. I load it ramps up to 1.20ish. I tried both BIOS and they're just the same. It doesn't get hot while gaming it just gets around 67C. I tried it once with Crysis 3 overclocked to 1100 core and...
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    Need advise on new GPU

    I'm mostly gaming at 1080p and in need of a new GPU as my Sapphire 6870 died. I'm thinking of getting a 7950 or a non-GE 7970. I've cut my choices to a few cards and brands that are roughly the same price roughly $10USD difference. Nvidia cards here are overpriced as well as cards from Asus or...
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    HD 6870 dead?

    Hi! I'm stumped if my Sapphire HD 6870 is dead. A week ago I tried booting it up and the fans were running at a 100% and the I heard 5 beeps with no video on the display. I tried forcing it on and off and the same thing happened and thought I'd just give it a rest for a day. The day after I...
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    USB 3.0 Problem Asrock 970 Extreme 3

    Long time lurker here. I need help. Please... I've been having a lot of problems making the USB 3.0 slot work on this board. At first, they were working really great but after some time it just stops while in the middle of a transfer. I tried using both USB 2.0 and 3.0 storage device on USB...