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    need help

    http://forums.techpowerup.com/announcement.php?f=14 Please try again with a decent thread title explaining your problem...
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    need help!!!!!!

    http://forums.techpowerup.com/announcement.php?f=13 Please make a new thread with a decent title and all the information people need about your computer to help you with your problem...Have a nice day
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    6600 GT vs 6800

    Considering the fact that a 6800 is easy to overclock. It's smart to take that one. There is also always a chance that you can unlock the 4 extra pipelines if not the 6800 reaches 6800 GT preformance just by overclocking pretty easy. So basicly you can get more preformance out of the 6800.
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    What to do?

    Yup like W1zzard said overclocking on the X1800 series isn't all that smooth yet so if you want to overclock one of the new generation cards the 7800 series would be the best. You can always wait till the X1800 series get better tools for overclocking. Your call ;)
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    Requesting some help overclocking my vid card

    http://forums.techpowerup.com/announcement.php?f=14 Pls take notice of this for future threads thread title changed
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    X1800 series experiences / overclock results etc.

    This thread has it's title now adjusted and i sticky'd it. keep things clean and enjoy.
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    Would like to overclock my vid card, could use some advice

    Good you realised this the thread title is now changed please keep this in mind the next time
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    Dif in X1800XL & X1800XT ??

    XT is gonna ship with other memory then the XL if i remebered right
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    F.e.a.r Lag

    Well i got it pretty kranked up and never experienced lag of some sort maybe it's cause, of the 2 gig ram in wonder :rolleyes: :roll:
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    3dmark 2006 pics. :)

    OMG :eek: What kind of super computer are they using to render that....
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    ATI vs nvidia why the war???

    Like djbbenn stated these are the kind of threads that only result in useless flame wars. Considering your start post this is not the way to start a thread. You can bring this up as a discussion but not with a start post like this. So i will ask you nicely to try again without excessive use of...
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    Plz people don bring back very very very old threads thank you.....
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    X1800 series experiences / overclock results etc.

    Show some X1800 oc scores soon then would like to see that ;)
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    Should I enable paging file when I have 2GB of RAM?

    Your pagefile get's moved over sometime however when u defrag a lot that is. Atleast mine keeps moving after some defrags. Anyways i'm using a fixed 2048 pagefile and i have 2 gig ram too.
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    X1800 series experiences / overclock results etc.

    Bleh, i really need one of these too. Maybe i'll get a X1800 XL don kno yet though. But anyways my oc'ed 6800 is getting crappy can barely run CoD2 with nice settings...
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    athlon 3500 64 bit idle temps

    My oc'ed 3500+ runs 39-41 idle these days.
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    im getting a new computer, need advices

    The post title u made explains it a lot better. I changed the thread title to this for u now. And no i don want u all angry i just want to point people in the right direction ;) I'm going a bit offtopic from this thread now. Let's get back ontopic :)
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    Post Your 3dmark05 Scores

    Crap that's sick. Go even further and you can probably bake an egg on that card ;) Good Job Urlyin
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    im getting a new computer, need advices

    http://forums.techpowerup.com/announcement.php?f=14 And yes i kno i am anoying but plz change the title or make the problem more clear. More threads like this will be likely closed/deleted/modded. Consider this a warning post
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    X1800 series experiences / overclock results etc.

    Show us some benchmark scores when u get it. Would really like to see how it preforms But damn some people are to whealty ;)
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    Best Athlon64 to overclock?

    Well i got a amd 64 3500+ (socket 939) and for a first try on it it overclocked quite well..but now my motherboard is holding me back. I think the NB doesn't have enough paste on the core cause it's overheating sometimes. This results in a overclock failed message like once a month. gotta fix...
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    wat would use stop at ?

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    help!!!problem with dfi lan party

    Just a little side note here could u people plz leave the Help!!!! crap out. U can just post i have a problem with (instert something here) and still leave the help!!!! Back on topic: It doesn't have to be your ram in particular. It could also be your vid card or ram or vid card not getting...
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    What kind of computers do you have at your school?

    We got crappy p3 450 with 192 ram and a S3 savage at our school... And i have to do all sorts of crap on those things.. :mad: It's the worst system but it sucks when i have to work with em too damn slow...