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    TechPowerUp GPU-Z 1.9.0 Released

    Can you please give me a screenshot of where i can find information regarding the SLI-bridge that is in use? Can`t find anything on that in 1.9.0
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    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    I have a huge Sun-Monitor in the basement that uses that one. It was intended for CAD-Stuff.
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    [FF] ENDED - Giving away Windows and Office keys

    I would really love to get a Key for Office 2013 Pro.
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    AMD Releases the Catalyst 13.11 Beta Driver

    If i open CCC and look at the data for the second "card" (7990) with no other tool running, it shows me "0" everywhere, like it should be. When opening GPU-Z (for example) while i still have CCC open, everything goes up to full load on the second core. Can anyone confirm that it only...