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    My laptop and W10 do not get along

    I used to windows update path to upgrade from W7 to W10: -It seemed to go smoothly at first but on the second phase (installing devices and drivers, if I remember correctly) a boot happened. -Then I got to see the windows logo and the circling dots. After that I get a black screen where nothing...
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    Computer turning itself on

    A computer belonging to a relative of mine has presented a problem: After installing windows 8.1, it keeps turning itself on 5-30 minutes after full shutdown (wakes up when put to sleep too) I have tried: - making sure the computer remains in S5 in APM settings in the bios - disabled wake on...
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    Recommendations for a simple video editor

    I know absolutely nothing about video editing software but I feel like making some clips lately. I am looking for something noob friendly that is capable of doing the following: 1. able to import .avi files encoded with h.264 2. split larger video files and join smaller ones together 3. have...
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    Does anyone else have this weird problem...?

    I would love to own all these high-end computer hardware, but I don't have any use for them at all (none that an entry level PC can't do). I don't even play video games anymore :wtf: does that sound familiar to anyone else?
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    VGA for non-gamer?

    I have decided to stop playing videos for a variety of reason, and now I'm thinking about getting rid of my 9600GT because I find an unnecessary source of heat in my pc annoying. My motherboard/CPU has no IGP so that means i'm going to to another gfx. I mainly use this PC for web browsing ...
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    no GFX detected

    several months ago I attached a accelero twin turbo to my 9600GT. recently I occasionally have issues with my PC failing to pass POST and giving my the "no VGA detected" beep code. Fans always spin up but the vga fans are connected with molex (the PCB uses a different header) Normally once it...
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    MSI and Intel boards

    I'm obsessed with the noise levels of my PC so I run my PC with a bare minimum of fans. That means I would like my boards to use/waste as little heat and eneregy as possible. from benchmarks, it looks like MSI and Intel motherboards are best at this. I have mostly used ASUS and Gigabyte boards...