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  1. Jeffredo

    World of Warcraft Engine Updated to Support DX12, Adds 21:9 Cinematic Rendering

    All I know is it broke a butter-smooth SLI experience and I'm pissed. Add to the the "stat squish" that made my formerly god-like character feel as weak and undergeared as he did at the beginning of Warlords of Draenor four years ago and they've done their best to suck the fun out of the game...
  2. Jeffredo

    15% Off Everything at Ebay until 9PM Pacific.

    Use code PERFECTDAY for up to $100 off. Got a brand new GTX 1070 for less than $300.
  3. Jeffredo

    EBAY Father's Day Coupon - 20% off ANYTHING until 7PM tonight.

    The sellers still get paid the full amount they were asking for or an auction was won for during the time period.
  4. Jeffredo

    EBAY Father's Day Coupon - 20% off ANYTHING until 7PM tonight.

    I purposely missed it. Just bought a GTX 1070 Ti last week (still a good deal - I'm happy) so I was really having to contain myself with this coupon code. I kept seeing things I wanted but didn't really need and I finally shut off the PC to go do something else until it expired. :laugh:
  5. Jeffredo

    EBAY Father's Day Coupon - 20% off ANYTHING until 7PM tonight.

    Oh yeah, I'm sorry I didn't mention the minimum. Yeah, $50 purchase.
  6. Jeffredo

    EBAY Father's Day Coupon - 20% off ANYTHING until 7PM tonight.

    Indeed they are! I'm struggling to find something kind of big ticket that I need. You know the old saying - its not a bargain if you don't need it. ;)
  7. Jeffredo

    EBAY Father's Day Coupon - 20% off ANYTHING until 7PM tonight.

    Its up to $100 off for the US eBay site on any item. That's pretty huge! PICKDADSGIFT
  8. Jeffredo

    Still have your EVGA 8800 GTS/GTX? Chance to trade for a GTX 1080

    Damn, I missed it! Yeah, I still have an EVGA 8800 GTX pack away in a box. :( Just noticed - mine wasn't eligible anyway. Strange - 768-P2-N831-AR
  9. Jeffredo

    MSI GTX 1070 Aero $469.99 at Amazon

    Just checked a half dozen stores in the Sacramento area. None. Beggars can't be choosers. ;) This is about as good as you can do at the moment. Actually, just checked and they're sold out already. That shows you it was a good deal.
  10. Jeffredo

    MSI GTX 1070 Aero $469.99 at Amazon

    In spite of this minor thread derailment (;)) $469.99 is only about $50 more than this card was before the mining frenzy and is a good $100 less than any other GTX 1070 on the market. If one needs a new higher end card right now this is about the only sane choice there is.
  11. Jeffredo

    MSI GTX 1070 Aero $469.99 at Amazon

    This is almost back to normal. I'd get one if I needed a decent card today...
  12. Jeffredo

    1060 suggestion

    I had a single fan EVGA GTX 1060 SC. It was a touch on the loud side when gaming. I'd probably avoid the single fan models based on that experience. Probably any dual fan model would be fine.
  13. Jeffredo

    So NCIX Is Bankrupt.

    That's a shame for you. I've heard a lot of people in metro Vancouver rent a box at the UPS store in Blaine or Point Roberts and drive down to pick up packages from US e-tailers shipped there. If you live a good distance from the border that's not feasible.
  14. Jeffredo

    KFA2 Intros GeForce GTX 1070 Ti EX-SNPR White Graphics Card

    I've had five Galax cards in the last two years. Their build quality is anything but cheap. My current is a GTX 1060 EXOC White and yes, it does have a plastic shroud and fans. Duh - almost all video cards do. It also has a white metal backplate and the fans are white LEDs. Its a nice look...
  15. Jeffredo


    Hey everyone. Someone gave me an FX-9590 and I would like to get a clean (no smoke), solid motherboard to play around with it. Something compatible like a Sabertooth, Crosshair V Formula-Z, Asrock Extreme9, etc... Anyone have one they'd like to get rid of? Let me know what you have and how...
  16. Jeffredo

    [FS][US] AMD FX 8320,Gigabyte 990FX, 2x4Gb G.Skill

    I've been looking online but I can't find that model. Is it an GA-990FXA-UD3? If so what revision number?
  17. Jeffredo

    CPU Downgrade "What Would You Do"? Situation

    After three months I caught a G3258 on Craigslist for $40. Its a pretty good sample - got to 4.7 Ghz @ 1.3v using a Thermalright True Spirit 140 (got it to 4.8 Ghz @ 1.375v, but backed it off for daily use). I'm still pretty much playing nothing but WoW and its performance is indistinguishable...
  18. Jeffredo

    Hardware Unboxed benchmarks: Ryzen 3 vs. Core i5 2500K vs. FX-8370

    Seri Seriously. Every time I see a review dust off an old i5-2500k and overclock it to compare to current CPUs I kick myself. Who would have thought they'd get longevity like Sandy Bridge has given? I built a cheapy PC using a lot of used parts for my nephew last summer. He has an...
  19. Jeffredo

    Hardware Unboxed benchmarks: Ryzen 3 vs. Core i5 2500K vs. FX-8370

    I doubt the typical FX user has anything greater than something like a GTX 970 or GTX 960. Probably nothing more than a 1080p monitor as well. Given those modest specs they're doing fine, especially since they probably built their rigs (or bought them pre-built) several years ago. If they're...
  20. Jeffredo

    [US] EVGA 450 BT, 80+ Bronze 450W $30 ($10 after MIR), Amazon

    Got it! I don't need it now, but after the rebate (EVGA is pretty reliable about paying them) I'll tuck it away in case a power supply fails on a family members PC... which seems to happen with unfortunate regularity!
  21. Jeffredo

    AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 8 GB

    Makes me happy I bought my GTX 1070 almost a year ago for $365. The miners can have this one.
  22. Jeffredo

    AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 8 GB

    This card is of no use to gamers. Just matches the competition's card which has been out for a year and does so only after consuming 125W+ more power. Still, miners will snatch up every one they can make so I guess its still a win for AMD.
  23. Jeffredo

    Air Cooling an FX-9590

    Hey guys. My nephew is an assistant manager at a large electronics store who's clearing out their AM3+ stock. With his employee discount he can get me an FX-9590 for $70. I have a compatible motherboard that's been sitting in a closet for a year (Gigabyte 990FX UD5 R5). I have a full tower case...
  24. Jeffredo

    Coil Buzz Fix Options

    Indeed it does! I have been really impressed with how little the fan spins up and how cool it runs given its size and single fan. If it just didn't have that fluttering, buzzing noise I'd be in heaven. lol