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  1. Batou1986

    Windows 10 + Official 353.62 Drivers are Killing Samsung and LG Notebook LCD Display Panels

    Nvidia done did it again, gotta love when WHQL no longer means quality tested only that they gave MS a few bucks. https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/862417/geforce-drivers/windows-10-official-353-62-drivers-are-killing-samsung-and-lg-notebook-lcd-display-panels/1/
  2. Batou1986

    Haswell Refresh 1.5v ram spec

    So a friend asked me to look at a build on PC part picker and I recommended a 16gb 2200 mhz kit because it was almost the same price as a 1600 mhz kit figuring it couldn't hurt to be faster. Then I noticed PC part picker was warning me that the ram was spec'd at 1.55v which was over the haswell...
  3. Batou1986

    New headset ~$50 recomendations

    Title says it all im looking for a decent headset with mic for around $50 preferably from Microcenter so if i don't like it i can exchange it. GOGOGO
  4. Batou1986

    Re Encoding to enable DXVA support

    Does anyone know of a program or way to re encode videos to support DXVA. I would like to be able to re encode with DXVA support while keeping resolution and subtitles, I do not care if the subs lose styling or animation as long as there synced and readable. I've tried a few things and...
  5. Batou1986

    Secure erase HDD ?

    Quick ? is there any performance benefit to doing a secure erase on a mechanical hdd like a raptor?
  6. Batou1986

    Media skip controls reversed ?

    I have an interesting problem Ive already searched around and cant find a solution, On my Zotac Z-Box Nano AD-10 running Win7 the media keys for skip forward and back are reversed on all remotes except the IR remote in all media players. Meaning when I press skip forward it skips back and back...
  7. Batou1986

    [WTB][US] LGA 775 Quad

    I'm tired of looking so I'll give this a shot. I would like to buy a 775 quad preferably a 45nm that clocks well. Im offering up to $120 + shipping for the right chip. Payment will be promptly made via PP verified instant bank transfer. Heatware@ batou1986, thanks in advance.
  8. Batou1986

    More 6870/cat 11.6 problems

    So after i was so stoked to see that 11.6 fixed the issue with the upper right corner lag and bc2 hard locking my pc, now another issue appears :banghead: Im getting artifacts in 2d now in things like steam UI, It seems to happen when I alt+F4 out of games as opposed to quitting. I can run...
  9. Batou1986

    6870+DX11 BC2 = Hard lock

    Whenever I play BC2 with my new 6870 it eventually freezes and I have to hard reset my PC. Has anyone else experienced this for the life of me i cant find the problem ? Every other game works fine with 0 issues even other DX11 titles the rest of the pc is 100% stable. Temps are under 70 GPU...
  10. Batou1986

    Gpu Upgrade 67xx or 68xx ?

    Bearing in mind my current system specs which i know the cpu will be the bottleneck. I need to replace the GPU because its dieing and its getting to the point where i cant play games with consistent framerates. I'm looking to spend 150~200 $ or less, I don't need a killer card to run...
  11. Batou1986

    [WTB][US] Gigabyte EP45 UD3P or equivlent

    Sup guys looking for a ATX Gigabyte p45 board to replace my friends failing 780i let me know what you you got and some prices. Thanks in advance shipping will be to Baltimore,MD 21237
  12. Batou1986

    E8400+UD3P OC Help

    Been trying to oc this thing since sunday cant get this thing to pass OCCT @4Ghz yet i can pass 5 runs of Intel Burn test multiple times on anything from standard to maximum. Max temps i got with IBT where 75 OCCT nets high 50's, max temps when i cranked the vCore to 1.36 through Cpuz in bios...
  13. Batou1986

    2 versions of 5870 ?

    What exactly is the difference between a 5870 and a 5870 (Cypress XT)? Im looking at getting one of these two cards im guessing the cheaper one is a non refrence hence all the problems. 5870 XFX HD-587X-ZNFC Radeon HD 5870 1GB 256-bit DDR5 P... 5870 Cypress xt XFX HD-587X-ZNFV Radeon...
  14. Batou1986

    MechWarrior 4 for free

    Don't know if anyone else posted about this yet but alot of ppl still play MW4 Mercenaries with the mods from mektek. Apparently MekTek worked something out with M$ and now we can all download the game and play online for free.:toast: http://mtxgear.mektek.net/MW4/index.html
  15. Batou1986

    Proof that Comcast lies about their service

    So here's the deal after the last few months of constant problems with my service from Comcast in the Baltimore region, i finally gave in and grabbed one of there cable modems to make sure mine was not faulty. Well no surprise here it still didn't work unless it was hooked directly to the main...
  16. Batou1986

    [FS][US] 939 Opteron 165 great clocker MB and Ram to match

    For sale/trade i have a opteron 165, Asus A8N Sli Deluxe and some Corsiar VS 4x512 ddr400 The opteron is an awesome chip it clocks to 2.7 ghz with no bump in voltage and is 100% stable ive been using it for the past 3 years or so at that setting with the A8N and the Corsair ram listed above...
  17. Batou1986

    939skt hardware whats it worth ?

    Im working up a new rig right now and i was wondering if there is still value in 939skt systems or am i better off just donating it to someone else. I would be selling my mobo the cpu and the ram listed in my profile is say $100 bucks asking to much or is there actually a demand for these parts.
  18. Batou1986

    Recomend a 775 MB with DDR1066 support

    Recently i managed to acquire a E6400 and an asus p5nsli mobo just got some OCZ Reaper 2x2gb 1066 5-5-5-18 for it. As i suspected the p5n is a complete failure for overclocking so i would like to get a new mobo to tweak it to the max. My question is really whats a good nforce based...
  19. Batou1986

    Quad Core 4Gb Ram i680 Lt $400 !!!

    from tiger direct ocz 2x2gb ddr2 800 ram Intel Q6600 Quad core and XFX i680 Lt for only 399 USD from tiger direct bought as a bundle http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-Details.asp?EdpNo=3601833&sku=MCM-680ILT-Q6600B&CMP=EMC-TIGEREMAIL&SRCCODE=WEM1558C
  20. Batou1986

    [Case Gallery] Antec P182 Boltgun Metal

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: AMD Opetron 165 @ 2724 9x302 @ 1.30V 4x512mb corsair VS DDR 400 Asus A8N SLi Deluxe ATi X1900XT X-Fi Fatality Happauge Pvr-150 WD Raptor X sata 150 w/NQC WD JB160 IDE Nec ND3500A IDE D/L Burner Silverstone DA750 750W/ 60A 12+ Single rail Antec P182...
  21. Batou1986

    Should i buy ? HIS 3850 512 ICEQ3

    Its in stock at newegg and im wondering if prices are gonna drop dramatically after chrismas for only 220 it looks like a good deal + the direct exhaust fan is nice or just get the plain old sapphire one with the single slot cooler and save a few bucks tell me what you think and dont go buying...
  22. Batou1986

    Fs/ft X1950xt Agp / Abit Av8 / Evga 7600gt

    I have 2 things i would like to sell or trade shipping will be UPS ground, To Continental US and will be + 8~10$ depending on where you live Heatware:Batou1986 all items are 100% full working like new condition HQ pics up 1. Abit AV8 939 skt motherboard in retail box with all accessory's...
  23. Batou1986

    WD Raptor 150Gig $169

    damn good deal on a realy fast hd as the title says newegg has a sale on teh raptor 150Gig for 169$ http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822136012&CMP=OTC-RSS&cm_mmc=OTC-RSS-_-Internal+Hard+Drives-_-Western+Digital-_-N82E16822136012
  24. Batou1986

    highest CFM 120mm case fans ?

    so its that time of year when i have some extra cash and i want new fans for my pc and truth be told i don't know jack about fans. As my previously purchased thermaltake fans are terrible compared to the fans that came with my friends antec 900 that i put together for him. Basically im looking...
  25. Batou1986

    p5nsli ram not running at 800mhz

    HELP with P5N SLi so im working on my friends pc cause its been giving him shiot its a P5N SLI ive updated to the latest bios while checking an oc i noticed that the ram was only running at 400mhz Effective 200mhz real clock i was like wtf thats ddr1 speed but he has 4x512 mb corsair xmms 2...