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    be quiet! Pure Base 600

    I think the real reason behind all those massive cut outs is to reduce weight, the engineers at those companies receive a bonus when they get more ideas to reduce weight upload images freecertificity.com
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    Corsair Obsidian 450D

    This case is like a Swiss cheese completely full of holes and grills everywhere which can develop only a messy airflow :(, therefore I don't like this case
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    Corsair 500r Vene mod

    Nice build, can you tell me please which is the maker of your fan with orange blades ?, where you have found such fan ? thank you
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    EVGA SuperNOVA G2 1000 W

    ..Unfortunately the problem this power supply has, is because it is modular, this modular feature increase the cost and therefore reduce a lot the score of this PSU....
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    Fractal Design Tesla R2 1000 W

    I swear, I will NEVER buy :mad: modular power supply, therefore I am happy that Fractal :rockout: made a decision to deliver this Very good Fractal PSU :)
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    Rosewill SilentNight 500 W

    I don't see too much the point of a fan less PSU, I think a slow speed silent fan can reduce the temperature inside the PSU (which is healthy for the PSU) without giving noise issues
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    Silverstone Zeus 1350 W

    For me the only problem with this PSU is the modular feature, I am sooo happy with my PC Power&Cooling 910W :rockout: Silencer that I bought three of them (yes three identical PSU) , therefore I ONLY buy PSU with in line airflow (80mm fan) and without the silly "modular" feature
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    PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK III 1200 W

    I totally AGREE with the Straight pathway Airflow generated with a 80mm fan. With the increased efficiency of the power supply (Silver, Gold, Platinum) the requirements of airflow decrease and a quiet 80mm fan become the better design strategy , speaking about the controversial cable modular...
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    Is your system overclocked?

    100% Agree :)
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    PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK III 1200 W

    Very very good review:), well done, I Love PC Power&Cooling, I love somuch my 910W silencer that I bought three of them for my two computers and a extra just in case, well done also for PC Power&Cooling, :rockout:Congratulations:)
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    Corsair GS800 V2 800 W

    Hello there, I think I dont need modular PSU because I can easily hide the cables behind the motherboard tray, therefore the "modular" feature in my opinion is pointless [
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    Corsair GS800 V2 800 W

    I swer, I will NEVER NEVER buy a modular PSU, I hate modular PSU
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    Xilence XQ Series 850 W

    I was already guessing about this possibility, if we increase the efficiency, it is not necessary anymore a huge amount of airflow to cool down the heatsink and therefore smaller low RPM fans can do the job. May be in the future we will see again the PSU made with 80mm fans. The problem with the...
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    PC Power & Cooling Silencer 760 W

    Thank you Crmaris:rockout: Very good review, I have the PC Power & Cooling 910W version and I love it :rockout:
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    PC Power & Cooling Silencer 760 W

    I saw a interview with the PSU representative of ANTEC , he was telling that the PSU efficiency of course is important but you can get a PSU with high efficiency and simultaneously with bad ripple performance, awful transient, and mediocre voltage regulation, therefore the efficiency of a PSU...
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    ASUS Sabertooth P67 Motherboard Review

    Please ASUS engineers, can you reconsider the horrible :mad: beige brown Noctua colour scheme :shadedshu for this Sabertooth, and choose enthusiast colours scheme like (black red white) or (black blue white),
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    32 bit vs 64 bit: How it relates to video cards

    :rockout: Thanks very much for the info Mussels. :) .
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    Make your own fan speed control under $1 USD

    Thank you for the info :) .
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    PC Power & Cooling Introduces the Silencer 910 PSU

    Update , the PC Power & Cooling 910W PSU inside the Coolermaster CM590 , probably I will keep this PSU fanless inside the CM590 ( case rotated 90 degrees ) because the two 140mm fans will suck the hot air out of the case and therefore the cool air will coming inside the case through the bottom...
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    PC Power & Cooling Introduces the Silencer 910 PSU

    Update , I just have another possible fan to swap the stock ADDA ball bearing fan , this AKASA PWM 90mm black fan also run very silent
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    PC Power & Cooling Introduces the Silencer 910 PSU

    Hi there , I already replaced the noisy ball bearing fan with a GELID sleeve bearing fan ( lubricated by myself with a creamy Zirconium grease ) , now this Silencer 910W is finally total silent ,of course I swap upside down the direction of the airflow inside the PSU to allow only fresh air to...
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    Why none review about PC Power&Cooling PSU ?

    I have another possible 80mm fan candidate to swap the original Ball bearing inside the Silencer 910W , yesterday I was lubricating with a creamy grease the sleeve bearings of a temperature controlled Arctic Cooling 80mm fan , was necessary for me to add a rubber washer to the shaft of the fan...
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    Why none review about PC Power&Cooling PSU ?

    At least the cooling Performance due to airfilters is reduced by 30% , but is not the end :), the cooling performance decrease even more day by day with the buildup of dust blocking the filters , therefore the filters can become a problem
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    Why none review about PC Power&Cooling PSU ?

    Unfortunately the dust filters not only reduce the dust , also reduce the speed of the airflow and therefore the cooling ability of the fan is reduced by at least 30%
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    PC Power & Cooling Introduces the Silencer 910 PSU

    I got this PC power&cooling 910W PSU , in my opinion the ball bearings neen to be replaced with Fluid Dynamic bearings or may be Enter bearings or Rifle bearings