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  1. rpsgc

    Reviews RSS feed problem

    Hi, Ever since the "ASUS GeForce GTX 580 Direct CU II" review, February 2nd, the Reviews RSS feed has stopped including the URL for the review. Whereas before it showed the URL after "Article", now it's blank. Is this intentional? I'm using Opera BTW (all other RSS feeds work fine)...
  2. rpsgc

    Mount & Blade: 5 € / $5 [Digital Download]

    Grab it now over at GamersGate: http://www.gamersgate.com/DD-TWMB/mount-and-blade
  3. rpsgc

    Merc Stealth: awesome or gruesome?

    Yes, well, I have an itch for a new keyboard, something... better than what I have. So... Anyone have/had a Merc Stealth? That's what I'm thinking of buying. That or a G13. I originally wanted a Roccat Valo but I don't want to spend 90 € to beta test their products. Hmm... Merc Stealth or...
  4. rpsgc

    Steam weekend deal: Overlord Complete Pack & Crysis / Crysis Warhead

    Overlord Complete Pack 75% off Overlord™ Overlord™: Raising Hell Overlord II $8,75 / £6,25 / 8,75 € http://store.steampowered.com/news/3104/ Crysis & Crysis Warhead - 50% off $15 each / $30 pack http://store.steampowered.com/news/3103/
  5. rpsgc

    Steam Weekend Deal: ARMA 2 @ $25 / £12,5 / 15€

    Go get it! It's tempting, I might buy this one instead (not buying MW2). Also it's good to see (for once) equal pricing for Europe. http://store.steampowered.com/app/33900/
  6. rpsgc

    Help me choose between Battlefield games

    Hello, I've just received an e-mail from EA with a 15 € voucher code for use on the EA Store. Considering I already have most of the games that I'd be interested in, that the rest are really expensive (50 €) and that I don't want to spend much money I narrowed it down to the cheapest ones...
  7. rpsgc

    Powercolor HD4870 non-reference problem

    Hello, Recently I had to RMA my Powercolor HD4870 1GB card. Today I got a new one but this one is the new Powercolor HD4870 1GB card which isn't a BBA card. It resembles their PCS+ card. It's this one. Thing is... I can't see the VRM temperatures! :confused: I start GPU-Z and it shows...