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    MyDigitalSSD Announces SuperSSpeed TweakTown Edition SSD

    ummm ... did u read it? Isnt the point that they r using SLC instead of MLC? I dont think they r charging double for the TT logo. GB=Gigabyte Gb=Gigabit GiB = ????
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    The AMD Phenom II OC'ers Club

    I have had my x6 1100T at 4400mhz @ 1.45V VCORE CPU-NB 3000mhz @ 2.125 RAM 2000mhz @ 6-9-6 I will post my pics as soon as I can just wanted to put in my 2 cents as I have seen some crazy voltages on the CPU for lesser speeds. I have the ASUS IV FORMULA & EXTREME. among many others next post...