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  1. Dj-ElectriC

    [Case Gallery] IRIS Project 2013

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Re-lidded Core i7 3770K @ 4.5Ghz Asus Z77 Sabertooth Petriot VIPER3 Venom-Red 32GB 1600Mhz Antec HCG-850W Modular XSPC RayStorm Waterblock Primochill Advanced-LRT White tubing Swiftech MCP-655 Pump EK Multi-option 140MM Reservoir Case...
  2. Dj-ElectriC

    Installed Audio Driver - no sounds!

    Hellow fellow techies, i recently moved to my humble testbench as main system. X79-GD65 8D board, 3960X CPU, 32GB of ram, a GTX680. I've fresh insalled the OS, win7 with all the official drivers. All's good but for some reason i can't get any sound whatsoever. Tried to disable all...
  3. Dj-ElectriC

    GTX680 Lightning Throttles... at stock

    I don't usually start threads, but when i do, im totally desperate. My GTX680 throttles and gives about 40% of its performance. I tried different drivers, pulling it out of the PCIE socket and putting it right back im. Tried switching cards - nada. :( Help, if anyone knows a...
  4. Dj-ElectriC

    The Golden PC [Untitled PC]

    Project UT - Cosmos II build and mod project Hello dear TPU users. It is spring and it's a good time for some upgrades! So, i have decided to do something very interesting and unique with my PC and that is to turn it into a gold-black scheme PC. So what this mod\build includes? ECS...
  5. Dj-ElectriC

    HD7950's Secondary bios needed

    Hello, can someone please send me Sapphire's HD7950 DualFan OC' secondary bios? 10x in advance :toast:
  6. Dj-ElectriC

    4-way CFX 4th core problem

    Hello guys, im having an issue with my 4 GPU, it stays on idle mode and wont increase its frequencies in gpu stress tests while others do The configuration is: Radeon HD6990 VV Radeon HD6970 VV Radeon HD6970 - 4th core I have installed the 11.8 drivers clean with no problems, MSI AB doesn't...
  7. Dj-ElectriC

    HD6850CFX OC immediately goes into BSOD

    hey guys, i got a new pair of HIS 6850s. when i use the MSI AB and i sync-OC them even by 10MHZ over stock i get a BSOD. any ideas? its the newest MSI AB
  8. Dj-ElectriC

    His hd6850 cfx vs hd5850 toxic cfx

    Hi guys, i need your help on that one... i got a refund from a store and i can get neither of those pairs witch one you think would give me the best performance overall? consider OC abilities dont forget drivers
  9. Dj-ElectriC

    Geforce GTX460 1GB cooling

    Hi guys, just got myself 2 GTX460 1GB graphics cards. the cards are brand new but im not pleased with the temp and OC abilities so... what i need from you guys is just a nice list of all the aftermarket coolers that support these graphics cards. thank you guys. :toast:
  10. Dj-ElectriC

    catalyst refusing to work with any GPU

    ok so... AMD's cat decided it wont work with any card, i get the "dont racognize any suitable AMD hardware" error, tried with HD5770, HD6850, HD6870 cat 11.1. tried driver sweeper, nothing :banghead: what can i do besides installing the whole Fing OS? thanks in advance guys
  11. Dj-ElectriC

    Unlocked Radeon HD6950 overclocking results!

    Any one with an Unlocked HD6950 to HD6970 please post your overclocking results here. 10x :D
  12. Dj-ElectriC

    Fastest graphics cards in 500$

    Ok guys sooo im looking to but the fastest and most overclockable GPU solution in 500$, not for me, but for my friend. he has a strong system with a 750W PSU. looking for the best solution in the USA. 10x guys
  13. Dj-ElectriC

    finding the best SKEW for my I7 870

    Sooo, im kinda stuck with my overclocking. i reached 4200MHZ on 1.40V stable but the temp are CRAZY hot, i get 90C at full load if ill find the perfect skew at the bios i might get it stable on 1.36-1.38V what is the best way to find the perfect skew? because i got 8 X 8 options and it will...
  14. Dj-ElectriC

    L33T X58 triple from newegg - 650$ price cap

    ok guys im looking (for my friend) for the best X58 mobo + memory + CPU from newegg in 650$ meant for overclocking of course and performance in total go go go... :toast:
  15. Dj-ElectriC

    a cooling solution for GAINWARD GTX460?

    Im looking for a cheap cooling solution for my GW GTX460 (the red pcb one) cuz the stock GW cooler is horrible, it has no copper heat-pipes, just a piece of crapy aluminum. any suggestions? :(
  16. Dj-ElectriC

    can this GTX 465 be unlocked? V2

    so... can the gigabyte (bluepcb) GTX465 or the sparkle GTX465 can be unlocked to GTX470?
  17. Dj-ElectriC

    SLI @ 4X X8 PCIE... why?!

    soo i just configured sli everything is good and all but... GPU-Z tells me that one GPU is at X4 and one at X8... why? i populated the first and the second PCIE, not the third one witch is X4
  18. Dj-ElectriC

    computer turns off and then on and off again

    Ok my problem is quite common but i have yet to my solution i tried various ram sticks. the PSU is new out of thee box, seasonic S12D 750W the mobo is completely isolated from the body of the case. the cpu waterblock installed correctly i just... dont know :banghead:
  19. Dj-ElectriC

    ASUS HD5870 V2 overclocking abilities

    Hi guys.... im gonna trade my sapphire HD5850 for a ASUS HD5870 (30$ damage muhaha) anyways... i wanna know if that HD5870 can quietly give me 1GHZ\1.25GHZ clocks on a decent voltage, something like 1.28V or less. my PSU will be the Seasonic S12D 750W. :rockout:
  20. Dj-ElectriC

    Seasonic SSHT 850W VS M12D750W

    so... i got them for the same price, in this price range there is also Tt Tp 750W modular soo... witch PSU? personally i prefer the SSHT 850W, heavy duty PSU :nutkick:
  21. Dj-ElectriC

    help me to calculate my system power consumption

    ok guys i need you to help me calculate my system's power consumption. i wanna be sure that my PSU is not in danger. best case scenario: I5 750 @ 3400MHZ w/ downvolt to 1.13V (about the same TDP as stock). Radeon HD5850 on stock Geforce 8800GT @ small OC w/ downvolt (about the same TDP as stock)...