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  1. J

    GIGABYTE Shows off Three Upcoming X99 Motherboards

    They are all 3 ATX? Nice. No more random width somewhere in between ATX and E-ATX?
  2. J

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Specifications Detailed Some More

    I hope that their big chip will show a similar TDP improvement compared to the GK110 (Titan).
  3. J

    ASUS Rampage V Extreme Is the Company's Flagship Motherboard

    http://www.computerbase.de/2014-08/asus-x99-mainboards-mehr-pins-oc-sockel-garantie-intel/ It's in german, but you can look at the pictures anyway. They claim that ASUS is willing to take over the warranty for the CPU in case that something happens. The Hasewell-E CPUs have a few unused...
  4. J

    ASUS Rampage V Extreme Is the Company's Flagship Motherboard

    You lose the warranty of your CPU if you use it in this Mainboard. CPU socket has more contacts than allowed by Intel.
  5. J

    Mad Catz Announces the M.M.O.Te Tournament Edition Gaming Mouse for PC and Mac

    Finally a mouse that seems to have more buttons than a Razer Naga, which has 19. On top of that, the buttons have distinct shapes, which is a good thing. I'm quite comfortable with the Razer Naga, but this one seems to be better. 19 buttons are not enough for me when playing World of Warcraft...
  6. J

    iBUYPOWER Unveils the HEXA Ultra SFF PC

    I just read the words "Hexa" and "Ultra" and it was clear to me, that it has to be the i7-4960X... I was obviously wrong.
  7. J

    MSI Next-Gen GAMING 5 Preview

    Why are they still building high end Mainboards with VGA and DVI Ports? That space could be used for better things than two outdated (?) standards, I guess.
  8. J

    In Win 904

    No fans included out of the box Please explain to me, why this is a negative thing? If we talk about cheap cases, then yes, fans should be included. However, it is a completely different thing with expensive cases, as chances are pretty high, that the user will replace the stock fans anyway...
  9. J

    Cooltek Introduces the UMX2 Midi-Tower PC Case

    This is a Jonsbo Case, from the same company as some other models from Cooltek. http://www.jonsbo.com/en/products.html
  10. J

    Philips Unveils 27-Inch Monitor with NVIDIA G-SYNC

    TN + 1080p. I'm not gonna invest in such a monitor in the year 2014.
  11. J

    ASUS Z87-Deluxe/SATA-Express Detailed

    Maybe they can merge those 3 cables into one and create something really new and highly innovative like this here:
  12. J

    AVADirect Announces GeForce GTX 780 Ti Options

    Enthusiasts are already looking at 4k for their next upgrade. None of the current single chip GPUs can properly handle that. Even if the GTX 780 Ti is the most powerful GPU at the moment, it's just much too weak for 4k. Significant resolution jumps aren't something that happens very frequently...
  13. J

    In Win Announces the 904 Aluminum PC Case

    It's also the place for your optical disc drive, the disc tray moves into that space. Check this link for more details and additional pictures including a youtube video (in german). In germany it's already available for 180,- EUR. In Win 904 Design Midi Tower - Caseking TV - YouTu...
  14. J

    Cambridge Audio Unveils DacMagic XS USB DAC

    This is like the Audioquest Dragonfly or the Meridian Explorer, but for a lot less. I wonder how it compares to these two. I'm gonna get one if these, though I think I'll wait for the "Super Duper Geek", that also has DSD decoding and up to 1000 mW of power, instead of only 150 mW like the...
  15. J

    Brace for Cylons, In Win Tòu Inbound

    I respect InWin for what they do. No one else has the courage to do something new. Most other case manufacturers bore us with the same **** over and over again. I wish InWin would also make an aluminium case with a more simple and plain design, but with the same material quality as the...
  16. J

    Genius Launches SP-HF150 Full-Wood Desktop Speakers

    $13? Are these designed for 3rd world countries? I cannot imagine that there is an acceptable quality for $13. Good computer speakers are the KEF X300A ($800), as an example, they also have an included DAC (soundcard).
  17. J

    CyberPowerPC Unleashes Zeus Hercules Notebook with Intel Iris Pro Graphics

    Integrated GPU only and still THAT fat? Why no one wants to learn a thing or two from Apple, regarding design and material quality (too much plastic everywhere)?
  18. J

    MacBook Pro Retina with Haswell-GT3 Silicon Confirmed

    Does this mean that the next MacBook Pro (!) will have no additional discreet GPU but only the integrated one? I think the current MacBook Pro is already thin enough. For once Apple could keep the thickness and increase the performance instead of keeping the performance and making the product...
  19. J

    Radeon HD 9000 Series Arrives This October: Report

    I Hope that the 9970 can compete with the Titan in Order to Start a Price war. Also, we will soon Need Single GPUs which can Run Games at 3840 x 2160. The New Screen Resolution, which is Four Times as much as the current Standard, is more like a Revolution than an Evolution. This Stands in...
  20. J

    Gainward GeForce GTX 780 Phantom Pictured

    Is this basically a triple slot design?
  21. J

    Steiger Dynamics Offers LEET Chassis for DIY Builders

    There's no market for $1000 cases. Even if the manufacturer would sell a case that costs him $2000 to make for only $1000, people still would say that the price is not justified and laughable. If people are willing to pay more for a case, then they always associate it with more features and...
  22. J

    SilverStone Raven RV04 Chassis Detailed

    Most of the big case manufacturers also offer cheap (ugly?) looking products with lots of plastic. Only Lian Li seems to avoid that, though their lower end aluminium models have a pretty competitive price tag.
  23. J

    Steiger Dynamics Offers LEET Chassis for DIY Builders

    1. It's not milled out of a solid block. Stop being ignorant. 2. This is somehow related to the company OrigenAE, they have something in common, they use the same manufacturer or they are the same people or they have some sort of agreement. Their case looks like a modified OrigenAE S21T...