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  1. Paganstomp

    Too old to enjoy hardcore gaming anymore? :(

    Ahh, back in the day when I had to put a quarter into it. :D
  2. Paganstomp

    NVIDIA Revises Financial Outlook for 2019 by $500 million, Immediately Hit Back by the Stock Market

    TSMC's Fab 14 B has been affected with a chemical contamination. :D
  3. Paganstomp

    BIOSTAR Introduces Edge Computing Solution with SoC Motherboard -A10N-8800E

    Super cheap, low power, in ITX for a secondary or back up SFF PC build. Add HDD, RAM, a supported O/S, and USB WIFI device and connect! I don't see a reason for argument here. None. It is what it is.
  4. Paganstomp

    Add the Finishing Touch with a Host of New Premium PC Accessories from CORSAIR

    They got 'em! Gold Plated PREMIUM screws... :D
  5. Paganstomp

    The Division 2 Skipping Steam, Available Only on Ubisoft and Epic Stores; System Requirements Outed With Radeon VII

    Can't we just get the game on RPM media like the old days! Eating a bag of Doritos while waiting for hell to freeze over to finish the install. :D
  6. Paganstomp

    Silverstone Argon AR12-RGB Cooler Smiles for the Camera

    \_( ``/ )_/ why?
  7. Paganstomp

    Cooler Master Unclutters the PSU PCB with XG Series

    OMG, you can see the bottom PCB!
  8. Paganstomp

    2018 Was the Year of VR Headsets - Except it Wasn't, According to Steam Hardware Survey

    See... little Jimmy doesn't need VR. Or a $3,000+ PC. He Just wants to play what everybody else plays at the current moment. This is why VR fails.
  9. Paganstomp

    NVIDIA Faces New Class Action Lawsuit Over Cryptocurrency-related GPU Demand Drop

    Next time they should invest in Bath Salts. :D
  10. Paganstomp

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Founders Edition Pictured, Tested

    They also have some benchmarks. If it matters to anywho. :D
  11. Paganstomp

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 to Ship in Six Variants Based on Memory Size and Type

    I'm going for the one that has the fastest changing RGB lighting on it.
  12. Paganstomp

    Four 9th Gen Core "KF" Processor Models Get Listed

    Intel forgot to add the "C". :D
  13. Paganstomp

    ViewSonic Prepares XG240R 144 Hz Gaming Monitor With RGB Accent Lighting

    Still, love it or hate it RGB LED illumination is helping sell products... Kinda snickered there for a second. Just a second though.
  14. Paganstomp

    Future Microsoft Office Versions Look to be Subscription Only

    Lack of innovation = death. Nice knowing you M$.
  15. Paganstomp

    Thermaltake Pacific R1 Plus Memory Lighting a Smarter Alternative to Dummy Modules

    No worries, bro. A non-windowed case will fix almost anything. :D
  16. Paganstomp

    Bad Times for Motherboard and GPU Makers: Oversupply and High Prices in 1H19

    Guess we'll all have to go back to the future with 1991 pricing. Pay a lot for nothing much at all! :D
  17. Paganstomp

    Intel Cutting Retail Processor Supply for Holiday 2018

    <insert balloon sound when it deflates here>
  18. Paganstomp

    TechPowerUp Survey: Over 25% Readers Game or Plan to Game at 4K Resolution

    Yessirreebob, I wanna play a PC game @ 4K that got ported over from a console. YepYepYep. Try and save a few hundered dollars on a videocard that goes out of stock then wait for E-tailers to jack the price up while waiting for the next CPU exploit to happen...
  19. Paganstomp

    Chinese State News Agency Debuts AI-powered Anchor for 24/7 Automated News Coverage

    In the news today, robots have taking over humanity for the greater good.
  20. Paganstomp

    SeaSonic Adds Wooting Analog Keyboards to its American and European product line-up

    For the price they are asking for this keyboard I could get this Bunn 10 Cup Coffee maker @ Walmart. Will it make better testing coffee then my current Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Keurig K SINGLE cup compatible that I got for FAR less? Doubt it. A device that is only good at doing ONE primary thing...