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  1. Baum

    KDDI and Samsung Hit 1.7 Gbps on a Speeding 100 Km/hour Train in Latest 5G Demo

    shinkansen now with youporn compatible wifi...watch in 4k :respect::fear::clap: seriously get the normal lte to work everywhere first ffs
  2. Baum

    Gold and Platinum Editions for the Drobo 5N2 and 5D3 Make Their Debut

    Wow that price :-O noo going with freenas
  3. Baum

    ADATA Releases the Special Edition UV100FU SB Flash Drive

    access light as chrismas tree balls or red nose of a reindeer? rudolph... engineering department and marketing fail 100%
  4. Baum

    MSI Adds GP62M World of Tanks Edition to Gaming Laptop Repertoire

    Only if it has 1Hr runtime and is havy as a tank!
  5. Baum

    Driven by Chinese PUBG Players, Windows 7 Now Most Popular OS on Steam

    For all non gamers: PUBG= "Player Unknown Battlegrounds" = Casual game Shooter, the "DOTA" of shooters or like overwatch. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gaming/guides/pubg-guide-everything-need-know-playerunknowns-battlegrounds/ well i don't know but windows 7 is okay as an os, but does it...
  6. Baum

    Seasonic Presents the PRIME Ultra Power Supplies

    My Bequiet 720W from end of 2015 wen belly up after its warranty period... turned it on and fire on the input socked side not so nice bought a new seasonic prime 650W for 130€ and i am loving it. Will be inside my rig by friday for weekend gameing..
  7. Baum

    Toshiba Responds to SanDisk's Call for International Arbitration

    This means for sandisk what? no more ssd's or what is going on...*confused*
  8. Baum

    Kingston Digital Releases New microSD for Action Cameras

    @john_ 1+ you're not the only one.... well put and exacly what i saw... i hope that sandisk doesn't take the same route, last black friday amazon usb sticks from sandisk where fake/slower in ne design/trashy usb 3.0 32GB getting smacked by USB 2.0 16GB from 10 years ago :-( kingston is just fail
  9. Baum

    Fritzbox (7490 and 7112) both need a repeater => wich one?

    @W1zzard Thanks for the fast reply will buy one for the 7490... went ape sh1t when i saw that the 7112 (rebranded box) does only old stlye 54MB/s wifi up for a replacement :-( i will go with a cheap 7272 from ebay i think, just loosing autochannel is no option because of wifi congestion
  10. Baum

    Fritzbox (7490 and 7112) both need a repeater => wich one?

    Hello my curent problem is that the wifi range is too small at my place and where my parents live. Both of us use a fritzbox: 1. 7490 2,4Ghz and 5Ghz both with different ssid 2. 7112 only 2,4Ghz 1xssid Which repeater should i but for the Fritzbox 7112, while keeping the autochannel...
  11. Baum

    [WINNERS!] rtwjunkie's Big Blowout Giveaway

    Hello the King (Me) was close to press Thank you but then Mort tingled my feet again... Entering giveaway for Rocketleague May the april fool's be with you
  12. Baum

    anyone have experience with "Kinguin"? seems a bit TOO cheap to be legal to me.

    And Kinguin is just a "market" ...1 Dollar for safety sure... talking snowball system :-( i would not buy my operating system from there just because: risk vs. use? makes no sense....
  13. Baum

    R9 290X completely bricked?

    @Solaris17 well you are right there is no subsitute for good tools... i do buy only quality tools but a "flash chip burner" is quite nice devices and just because there's only one broken card *maybe*... it is better to buy a willem eeprom burner or any quality tool to reprogramm those but a...
  14. Baum

    Samsung 850 Evo or 850 Pro?

    I had to buy ssd's some time ago... went with this: 1. High performance system drive C: => Samsung 850Pro 256Gb + 1TB HDD 2. Cheap office laptop (only drive) => Adata SX300 128GB MSata (cheap and fast) 3. My 15" work laptop only drive => Sandisk Extreme Pro 240GB (10 years warranty and fast...
  15. Baum

    R9 290X completely bricked?

    the soic clip goes over the bios chip and connects every pin to the "bios flasher" device, saves alot of time wow what a price... 30usd on ebay for what? As i see it, your best bet: 1. Put the card a side for a couple of weeks 2. hit ebay and buy CH34xx USB Programmer and a clip (desoldering...
  16. Baum

    Lexar Announces 200GB High-Performance 633x microSDXC UHS-I Card

    sarcasm i don't like marketing like 99999999999x speed .... unit to measure speed? 999kb/s? nice...not
  17. Baum

    Reliable SSD cache software

    VeloSSD: https://www.elitebytes.com/Products.aspx or can you pair the monster hdd with an add in card that does caching for you? "HyperDuo", msata ssd as a cache? http://www.delock.de/produkte/G_89371/merkmale.html?setLanguage=en old version which i have seen somewhere used as a cache...
  18. Baum

    R9 290X completely bricked?

    First of all you have to look at the data sheet for the flash chip to see if there is a write protect pin. You can write it with an arduino/rasberry pi/ch34xx from ebay, many universal eeprom burner should be able to flash those... Do you have any tv electronics repair shop nearby? sometimes...
  19. Baum

    Lexar Announces 200GB High-Performance 633x microSDXC UHS-I Card

    yeeesss i still remember when 633kb/s was fast ^^
  20. Baum

    ASRock Uses External Clock Generators to Circumvent Intel non-K BClk OC Limits

    I wonder if you not only get granularity control of bclk but also way higher without damage? It means i can overclock my low end i3, fsb style like in the old days? :-P
  21. Baum

    AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition Incorrect Fan Speed Issue Being Fixed

    once or twice i have seen the fan controller crash on a gpu, fan ran 100% and only a restart got it down to normal with thermal control.... mybe if you write stupid values to the i2c bus to get voltage control you can get the fan controller to go crazy? other than the usual stuff (vrm and dry...
  22. Baum

    Icy Dock Announces the ToughArmor MB992SKR-B Enclosure

    no why should they support trim? it's the ssd manufacturers fault if the ssd died while in use :-( i guess that these enclosures are neat if cheap for you older ssd to kill them in raid as a fast temporary drive... for enterprise uses? no thanks cramming drives to each other is bad even with...
  23. Baum

    Lexar Announces the JumpDrive M20c USB Type-C Flash Drive

    good nand used in ssd's maybe?
  24. Baum

    NVIDIA Releases GeForce 358.50 WHQL Game Ready Driver

    Test it and report it here pls :-) me want it for my gtx 770 !
  25. Baum

    ADATA Launches the Premier SP550 SATA 6Gb/s SSD

    We want some benchmarks!!! i really want some low end ssd head to head challenge! which sandisk&samsungEvo&crucial&sandisk...anything considerably value between 150GB to 256Gb that is cheap! :-P