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  1. AnaMaria81

    Dragon Age II

    Then you are not understand a thing from the story of D.A. universe... ;) I like to play those games like I'm reading a good book. I bet you don't even know what the title means if you didn't read all those stuff from codecs... :p:o
  2. AnaMaria81

    Windows Internet Explorer 9 Released

    I took a shoot with all 4 browsers just opened and default settings. As you can see IE9 have really nice memory reqs
  3. AnaMaria81

    Dragon Age II

    DA2 is really long.....I spend more time reading the lore than actual play.
  4. AnaMaria81

    Best gaming platform ?

    This was the best "platform" I've ever been:
  5. AnaMaria81

    Windows Internet Explorer 9 Released

    Yeah, latest 10.2 flash update is pure garbage, well, all versions of Flash are craps, now I understand why Apple dump them
  6. AnaMaria81

    Catalyst 11.2 vs 11.4p

  7. AnaMaria81

    Did anyone notice the new Speedtest website?

    55$/month for 15??? :eek::eek::eek::eek::shadedshu
  8. AnaMaria81

    Windows Internet Explorer 9 Released

    Yeah: 1: Chrome 2: Opera 3: IE9 4: Firefox
  9. AnaMaria81

    Transformers MMO

    This will be a disaster if the action is the same as the current transformers games are.
  10. AnaMaria81

    AMD FX ''Zambezi'' Processor Box-Art Revealed

    Yeah, I prefer the Thermalright boxes too! :))))))
  11. AnaMaria81

    Can you force fan speed below 25%? (Afterburner)

    you can go from 1% all the way up, and yes, I've tested. :)
  12. AnaMaria81

    Gaming under Win7-how to set up sound?

    wrong plugs + wrong speaker setup. Happens all the time :D
  13. AnaMaria81

    Best gaming platform ?

    There is no best platform there is only the best game on proper platform ;) Ex: Some Wii/Ds games can only be played and preferred on those devices, while others cannot be play anywhere except PC.
  14. AnaMaria81

    Dragon Age II

    Except making the monsters die harder, any other difference from the other difficulty levels?
  15. AnaMaria81

    is this normal? ati 5770.

    had the same problem before installing the latest drivers. I have a 5870
  16. AnaMaria81

    Can you force fan speed below 25%? (Afterburner)

    Why not using CCC for o.c. ? My fan is running @ 21% dead quiet, but I agree, 25% is already to noisy for desktop use. Btw, you can edit the fan curve in settings in Afterburner, and you can choose any percent you like. (I can put 15% fan speed without the temperature going up in desktop) ;)...
  17. AnaMaria81

    is this normal? ati 5770.

    depends on the drivers. Install the latest 11.4 and you will both be fine.
  18. AnaMaria81

    Opinions on Google Chrome

    sucks on flash and java. Also not that compatible as IE. But better than bloated Firefox.
  19. AnaMaria81

    GeForce GTX 590 Key Features Revealed

    So the center cooler is the standard now for dual GPUs...
  20. AnaMaria81

    Sandy Bridge-Based Pentium Dual-Core G840 Processor Surfaces

    This proc is good for a small low power server running 24/7. And I'm thinking to a nice VPN also. ;) Now, all I need is the cheapest mobo and 4gb ddr3 out there
  21. AnaMaria81

    Dragon Age II

    So when is the game finish?? After I came from the Roads, I had another million of those boring missions.....
  22. AnaMaria81

    Call of Juarez: The Cartel

    Due to be release this summer: http://callofjuarez.ubi.com/the-cartel/en-US/home/ As far as the trainer goes, the main Hero is a serious competition for Chuck Norris! :p Also, welcome to the modern Wild Wild West. :ohwell:
  23. AnaMaria81

    RIP OpenGL: John Carmack

    I'm using Maya with the latest OpenGL 4.1 at work, and we can make some renders and animations that no way can you make them in DirectX 11...
  24. AnaMaria81

    Did anyone notice the new Speedtest website?

    10€/month including cable+phone+taxes... :pimp: This one I don't understand.....:o:p
  25. AnaMaria81

    Can I change my wireless adaptor?

    Thanks, but unf. I cannot buy from there.... :(