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  1. Morrison5891


    Just curious if anyone here uses this to create DVD menus? I'm having a small issue and could use some feedback. When I add video files to the menu, the thumbnail is pixelated, like it's not extracting the thumbnail correctly. Does anyone using this program have this issue? Thanks.
  2. Morrison5891


    Frustrated... Trying to build a new budget gaming PC and the hardware prices are ridiculous right now. Is this driving anyone else crazy?
  3. Morrison5891

    Video editing

    Looking for an AIO solution, I need it to do the following... Capture video from USB devices Edit and crop video Export to relatively small file sizes Create custom DVD menus and burn. Also must have an easy learning curve, it's for people that really have no experience in this type of...
  4. Morrison5891

    Looking to buy...

    Looking for used smartphones. Working or not. iPhones, Samsung, etc... Will pay a fair price.
  5. Morrison5891

    Video Capture Device

    Could someone recommend any decent/good video capture software? Converting hundreds of videos from VHS, Hi8, etc... to DVD The capture device hardware I have comes with some crappy software and was looking for something a little better. Thanks
  6. Morrison5891

    Gaming keyboard

    Looking for a wireless gaming keyboard with LED backlit keys. Have been searching Ebay, Newegg, and Amazon and CAN NOT find one. Anyone have any ideas ? Just looking for advice on the above, not feedback about how I shouldn't be using a wireless this... or that for gaming. Thanks!
  7. Morrison5891

    Help with php code

    I have been trying to get the information in this contact form to be required by the user. Right now users can click on the "contact us" button and it forwards them to the welcome page. What happens is when someone clicks the button it sends an e-mail with the values "Enter Your First Name" and...
  8. Morrison5891

    Help with simple issue on website

    Hey guys!! So, i'm having this issue. I have designed our companies website and its been live for a while now. I wanna make a simple change, but for the life of me can't figure this out. Our website is http://www.mycompumore.com and if you look at the green image with the word "technology" in...
  9. Morrison5891

    Asking for help - ALPHA testers needed!

    Currently working on a small project and I am seeking ALPHA testers. This prject is currently in ALPHA testing (PRE-BETA). I am looking for the following for 2 of each for the following: 1 - User with Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2 1 - User with Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3 2 of the...
  10. Morrison5891

    Windows 7 Visual Effects

    Anyone know where the registry settings are located in Windows 7 for Visual Effects? I'm trying to create a .bat or .reg file to modify these visual effects settings.
  11. Morrison5891

    IE8/Windows 7

    I continue to get the Internet Explorer "Welcome to Internet Explorer" setup everytime I open IE8. Running Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit. Anyone else having this problem? And the other thing with IE8 is that when I open IE8 the window is minimized, when I close IE8 the window is maximized. I know others...
  12. Morrison5891

    Partition a USB Flash Drive

    Has anyone figured this out? I've tried 4-5 different ways and still nothing.
  13. Morrison5891

    POE Max Watts

    Ok, I have a netgreat 24-port That supports 100w POE max budget. I have 8 Cisco PVC2300 POE cameras that are 10w Shouldnt be any problems, correct? Link for Cisco Cameras: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps9945/index.html Link for Netgear switch...
  14. Morrison5891

    Video surveillance

    ATI Radeon HD4200 which is on-board video .... Do you think this should be more then enough power to record, and monitor 4-6 IP cameras on one monitor? The IP cameras are connected to a LAN. Basically, its a DVR and video surveillance application Thanks for any help
  15. Morrison5891

    Installing security cameras

    I have a client that has decided to start a side business installing surveillance cameras for townships, larger cities, universities, etc, etc ... I'm sure most of the users here in the US has seen these on telephone poles, etc ... He had asked me to join his team of police officers and FBI...
  16. Morrison5891

    Strange Vista Ultimate Add/Remove Programs

    Not sure whats going on... but its bothering the hell out of me because I can't uninstall anything... Take a look at this image and you can see what I'm talking about... Has anyone seen anything like this? http://img188.imageshack.us/img188/418/102200992012pm.png
  17. Morrison5891

    For anyone that has or wants ...

    A Windows Live Mail account (Hotmail) Windows Live Skydrive is a great way to backup important documents, pictures, etc ... It gives you 25GB for free. Maybe, most of you know this... There is also a way to mount your Windows Live Skydrive as a virtual drive on YOUR PC ... It's very easy to...
  18. Morrison5891

    Blank screen after logoff/switch user in vista

    So, everytime someone logs off or switches user accounts from Windows Vista Ultimate 64-Bit, it goes to a blank screen and you have to restart the computer. I've been trying to fix this for the last 2 days and havnt found anything that helps. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks...
  19. Morrison5891

    Data Recovery with Linux

    I'm wanting to create a box for data recovery. I can't decide what to use for the OS. Should I use XP or use Linux? And if I use Linux, what are some of the best data recovery programs for Linux? Does anyone have any Data Recovery experience using a Linux box to recover Windows NTFS and FAT...
  20. Morrison5891

    Missing Desktop Icon Text

    Not sure what happen here. I have scanned this rig with Spybot, SuperAntiSpyware, Combofix, SmitfraudFix, Spyware Doctor, Spyware Terminator and have found nothing. http://img36.imageshack.us/img36/2310/desktoplo.png as you can see in the pic, the icons are there but the text is missing. I...
  21. Morrison5891

    Video Card not upto specs

    Video card displayed 2000mhz for memory, now i'm only getting 1000mhz I'm pretty sure there is something wrong but can't figure it out. Games are not running as well as they did 2 days ago. Could this be a driver issue?
  22. Morrison5891

    Vista Sidebar

    Personally, I love it... Was wondering what others thought about it. Also, If you do use, what sidebar gadgets are you running? here is a screen shot of the gadets running now. If anyone is interested in any of them, I can upload to you... Also, if you have some, maybe you would like to upload...
  23. Morrison5891

    Dual core is now single core?

    Restarted my computer and now i'm only seeing one core ... Any ideas why? Thanks ...
  24. Morrison5891

    What would you do ...

    Ordered a WD 1TB drive and received 2 of them from newegg ...
  25. Morrison5891

    Video Card Fan speed

    GPU-Z Fan RPM senor is telling me that its only spinning at 1RPM ... most likely a faulty reading?