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  1. BlackZero

    About to pull the trigger on a 7970, any final thoughts?

    I have tried to hold out until the new cards arrive but with nothing expected for up to six months I think I'm going to order a 7970 for now and then see how the new cards do, whenever they are released. The card I'm looking at is the MSI 7970 OC, it comes overclocked to 1010Mhz, so should have...
  2. BlackZero

    Resistor fell off Graphics Card

    Capacitor fell off Graphics Card I have had a long running issue with my Radeon HD 6950 showing glitched temperature readings at times, so I was going through the water cooling connections/Block setup when it seems one of the attached components came off of the PCB. I had a closer look and it...
  3. BlackZero

    Strange temperature sensor readings

    Recently I have been getting quite unusual temperature readings with temps either spiking to impossibly high or extremely low levels according to the GPU temp sensors. This seems to happen when the card is stressed while overclocked at times and other times it happens out of the blue and seems...
  4. BlackZero

    6950 artifacts in aero/browser only at low voltage changes

    *The article title should be '6950 artifacts in aero/browser only at low voltage changes' So as the title says i have suddenly started getting artifacts (small red/green dots) on the aero tabs and in the browser when ever I change the voltage to a higher number, this happens whether I use a...
  5. BlackZero

    Seperate hd6950 audio from sound card audio for multitasking?

    So I just picked up a HD 6950 and now have video/ HD sound going through it to my AV reciever but I also have an xfi sound card. So how can I set it up so that I can watch a HD movie with sound on the second monitor (av reciever to hdtv) using the hd6950 and play a game on my primary monitor...