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  1. Nergal

    AMD Radeon Vega 64 Outperforms NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti in Forza Motorsport 7, DX 12

    DX12 games are growing in numbers, making this more relevant day by day.
  2. Nergal

    New Performance Benchmarks of AMD's Vega Frontier Edition Surface

    Well, this sounds.....PROMISING!!!! I vividly recall that the "realistic" guess was that it(the actual gaming card with drivers some months old) would preform between 1070 and 180 speed. I see now that the FE with like alpha drivers is achieving those values already. So add the extra speed of...
  3. Nergal


    weeeeeeeee thanks :) I am just running this on my dell E7470 during workhours, thou 500 points a day do mount up eventually. I´d rather say that my user ID count is more impressive! (3105)
  4. Nergal

    AMD "Polaris" Based Radeon RX 570 and RX 580 Pictured

    Nothing much to see here tbh, just an update of their RX4xx line. Which is a GOOD line and a preference over the NV-line in their segment.;)
  5. Nergal

    Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation Update Brings Improved Performance to Ryzen

    Very good job by AMD, if I hadn´t bought me a 6700 last year, I would be buying a Ryzen right now.
  6. Nergal

    AMD Reveals Ryzen 7 Family, Pricing, and Radeon Vega Logo

    ALL ABOARD....THE HYPETRAIN!!! Destination: whooping some fanbois The claims AMD are making are so way beyond expectations that even if the reality is less, it´s still a small wonder what they did. You simply cannot minimize the achievement here. The complacency that AMD´s rivals had will now...
  7. Nergal

    AMD's Ryzen R7 8-core, 16-thread Processor Prices Outed for Europe

    There are only 3 types without a "PRO3 or an "X"; meaning these are the baselines for R/I3 - R/I5 -R/I7. Seeng the "low" pricing for the regular 1700; but still above i7-7700(?); they must be DARN SURE that they will outperform intel. Which is a good thing, forcing Intel to turn-up the heat in...
  8. Nergal

    Tom Clancy's "The Division" Gets DirectX 12 Update, RX 480 Beats GTX 1060 by 16%

    I would just love to have you be right. However, M$ wasn´t "pushed" as an accomplice; but they stole the concept of Mantle and incorporated that to counter AMD. (and lose market share&influence) What is true is that the ngreedia fellows tried to milk this stagnation for as long as possible...
  9. Nergal

    LG UltraFine 5K Monitor Plagued by Rookie Design Flaw

    LG UltraFail 5K Monitor
  10. Nergal

    New RX 480

    I would´ve waited for the VEGA, and possible even further pricedrop of the 480. But it certainly isn´t a bad choice at all. So yes, its ok. Just try to sell the 280x 2nd hand before the launch of the vega
  11. Nergal

    Vega, Massively faster than GTX 1080 in DOOM 4K.

    Now that is something that won´t happen with AMD. One of the few things we can relay on with AMD is that their cards perform better in time. Some extra quicktime(see what I did there) isn´t going help.
  12. Nergal

    Please can you help my son

    The dedication of some people at TPU for fixing issues is amazing :) Sadly I can´t help myself, but I hope the lads here will figure something out.
  13. Nergal

    Vega, Massively faster than GTX 1080 in DOOM 4K.

    Depends on the price. A card that demolishes the 1080 should be worth more than the 1080 So, 999$? Lol, doubt that
  14. Nergal

    Cheapest graphics card for 1080P 144HZ Monitor?

    My statement stands, if he wants to fully use his 144Hz ALL AT THE TIME, a GTX1080 won´t do on 1080P. And senseless? This is TPU, tech-savvy all the way. Whatever people do with OC´ing and such can also be viewed as "senseless" If this is what he was asking for, we need to give the correct...
  15. Nergal

    Sapphire R9 Fury Nitro vs GTX 1060 6gb

    FURY! get it, noooow!!! and be happy
  16. Nergal

    Cheapest graphics card for 1080P 144HZ Monitor?

    Really, 144Hz on 1080P; and not even the best cards out there can handle it....thou the GTX1080 should come close on 1080P. https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/4r38v9/gtx_1080_for_1080p_gaming_is_not_overkill/ It shows how slow the speed increase each gen of GPU has become and how fast...
  17. Nergal

    Vega, Massively faster than GTX 1080 in DOOM 4K.

    Its gonna be a perf/cost 1080 killer; forcing NV to lower its pricing. btw, DX12 was released on July the 29th 2015. Preferring a card based on the DX11 performance is ludicrous now Thou it could be that the 1070 is going to land on the new sweetspot; NV could certainly do this if they wanted...
  18. Nergal

    Do you think the RX 480 will be "outdated" in 6 months?

    Unless there is a sudden release of DX12.1 or DX13 or something the like; the card will still fully support the latest tech available on the market. At a speed&pricing which will stay competitively for a while. Outdated http://www.dictionary.com/browse/outdated The 970 will not be obsolete for...
  19. Nergal

    What's your upgrade cycle?

    Its much cheaper these days to get a PC togheter, and they last longer too. If technology doesn´t enter a new era, most likely a upgrade of 5-6years for the CPU is good enough GPU 3years
  20. Nergal

    Do you think the RX 480 will be "outdated" in 6 months?

    LoL, then the 1060 was also already outdated I´m sure. Because ii has the same performance as the 980 :D :D And what is this piece of crap, 1050 and 460? How dare they! lol Let´s make it clear; 1080P resolution is NOT outdated. Reality is that the 4K was too much of a jump for the slow...
  21. Nergal

    Intel Core i7-7700K vs 6700K: 22 Games, RX 480 & GTX 1080

    Was a beast series indeed. Unlocked 1.2GHZ@1.5GHZ with 1.5GB SDRAM good times :)
  22. Nergal

    Intel Core i7-7700K vs 6700K: 22 Games, RX 480 & GTX 1080

    Upgrade is only relevant for those who upgrade from pre-3th gen; or enthousiasts. Doesn´t matter if it is a (6/7)700K or the Ryzen
  23. Nergal

    AMD RYZEN Demo Event - Beats $1,100 8-Core i7-6900K, With Lower TDP

    Could very well be a statement. Since as long as I can remember, Intel and NV have adjusted pricing as follows. Take their piece of hardware that is (slightly) performing slower than AMD´s equivalent and ask 10% more for it. Initially, it can vary, but when the dust has settled down, that is...
  24. Nergal

    Intel Core i7-7700K vs 6700K: 22 Games, RX 480 & GTX 1080

    hmmm, what it does show, at least to me, is that the new CPU´s actually perform better with better RAM. The 6700K uses 3200, whilst the 7700K only gets 2133 Upgrading your "old" 6700K with superb 5000MHZ RAM in the near future will provide a much better boost than upgrading to a 7700K EDIT...
  25. Nergal

    Intel Core i7-7700K vs 6700K: 22 Games, RX 480 & GTX 1080

    Pure marketing. Intel just wanted something "new" to compete with AMD. Since it´s speed is about the same as the previous generation, most likely, that is the speed AMD will hit too. Else they would have put more juice into it. Intel´s logic: 1) I also need to release something at the same...