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  1. omnimodis78

    Steam Offers Batman Arkham Knight Refunds After Second Failed PC Launch

    GameWorks isn't the problem whatsoever, it's the fact that it's a port done wrong; as badly as it can be done. You probably can't even explain what GameWorks is without having to look it up. GameWorks runs just perfectly fine in all other current games I can think of which I am playing, and it...
  2. omnimodis78

    Specs Don't Matter: TechPowerUp Poll on GTX 970 Controversy

    970 owner here and I genuinely agree with nearly every point of view - from my own which is that the 970 remains a top-tiered option, to how NVIDIA very deliberately allowed false specs to disseminate; to those who won't be touching this card because of all this. But the one thing that irks me...
  3. omnimodis78

    Three New Electronic Arts Games to Support AMD's Mantle

    GameWorks is shaking in its boots, you show 'em Mantle!!! Quick, time for an NVIDIA PR guy to go on a rant about how unfair AMD is.
  4. omnimodis78

    Ubisoft and NVIDIA Team Up On Assassin's Creed Unity, Far Cry 4 And More

    Their higher video RAM? I didn't know AMD had a monopoly on higher video memory solutions in the GPU market. Better port as per GCN? I believe there have been Gaming Evolved titiles that ran better on comparative NVIDIA GPUs. I might be one of those people that understands what GameWorks is...
  5. omnimodis78

    Mantle Enables Significant Performance Improvement in Battlefield 4: AMD

    It will be interesting to come back to this in a year or so, and see who was right or wrong, and to what degree. I sincerely hope Mantle won't be a flop, but I also eye any of AMD's claims with suspicious eyes. Time will tell.
  6. omnimodis78

    Mantle Enables Significant Performance Improvement in Battlefield 4: AMD

    The question begs to be asked, if Mantle is the second coming of Christ, won't that basically completely and utterly negate the need for high, heck, even mid-range cards? I don't know, I think Mantle will prove to be more hype than anything else, seeing that shareholders of a company would...
  7. omnimodis78

    Linksys Unveils the WRT1900AC Wireless Router

    Any word on what sort of energy efficiency technologies found their way into this brand new router? Or is this point still not important to consumers?
  8. omnimodis78

    New AMD FirePro Deliver Unprecedented Levels of Performance for Mac Pro

    Sorry, I came across this on the forums, not the main site....
  9. omnimodis78

    New AMD FirePro Deliver Unprecedented Levels of Performance for Mac Pro

    OK btarunr, I have to ask: do you and your colleagues actually write any of these AMD "news" or does AMD give you the material to cut and paste on here? Not just exclusive to TechPowerUp, but every single time I see anything written about an AMD partnership or technology, they always sound like...
  10. omnimodis78

    NVIDIA Dramatically Simplifies Parallel Programming With CUDA 6

    What seems like "good and forever" at the moment can sometimes be lame and forgotten in no time. How you assume that NVIDIA is desperate with something that has been out now for 7 years is a bit creepy, sorry.
  11. omnimodis78

    Avexir Core Series 3100 MHz 2x 4 GB DDR3

    I see your point. I have to admit I've never ever heard of Avexir (and I build PCs) so I guess mission accomplished in that regard, but I also don't think of this as positive marketing. But the point, from my position at least, isn't so much about the quality of the product or the integrity of...
  12. omnimodis78

    Avexir Core Series 3100 MHz 2x 4 GB DDR3

    No matter what anyone says, thinks, or otherwise, the price of this product is comical. A joke. If we were nearing April I'd actually genuinely think it was an April's fool prank. I won't preach to the choir here, as I'm sure 99% of us have a solid understanding of how RAM works and what the...
  13. omnimodis78

    NVIDIA Teams Up With Warner Bros. on Batman: Arkham Origins

    Damn I've never thought I'd see that - it just looks odd. Although, to be fair, Gaming Evolved is not a proprietary tech, it just more marketing than anything else, just like nvidia's 'The Way It's Meant to be Played' awareness program ("awareness", ha! but that's what they call it).
  14. omnimodis78

    NVIDIA Teams Up With Warner Bros. on Batman: Arkham Origins

    What's with all this nvidia hate? Seriously, AMD has followed suit and has done the whole Gaming Evolved, and TressFX and "all next-gen games will be AMD tuned" so please, spare us the 'evil nvidia' nonsense. Totally agree with the PhysX comment though, nvidia artificially locking it down is...
  15. omnimodis78

    NVIDIA and Ubisoft Form Gaming Alliance for This Fall's Hottest Games

    I can select one of the three AO implementations, including HDAO, on my GTX770, so I it might be an AMD thing but apparently it's performs just fine on nvidia cards too.
  16. omnimodis78

    AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series Won't Fully Support DirectX 11.2

    Actually, it had more to do with it than not. I thought of "upgrading" to Vista when it became feasible, and for absolutely no other reason but to be able to play Crysis in DX10 mode - then I decided against it because, well, I used Vista at work and despised it so I skipped it (then discovered...
  17. omnimodis78

    MSI Announces GeForce GTX 770 Gaming 4 GB Graphics Card

    Agreed, to be honest, but, for a card that's not entry level, and where cooling is a selling feature, you'd think that it would be taken care of for at least consistency's sake. What would have 8 small heat sinks cost Gigabyte, or MSI in this case, but guaranteed it would have been a brownie...
  18. omnimodis78

    MSI Announces GeForce GTX 770 Gaming 4 GB Graphics Card

    Gigabyte made the same mistake, they left the back memory modules completely uncooled. Maybe it's not a big deal, I don't know, but if you make the effort to actively cool some of the RAM (as is the case with the front modules) wouldn't it make sense to at least apply some passive cooling to...
  19. omnimodis78

    DirectX 11.2 Exclusive to Windows 8.1 and Xbox One

    I'm not buying most of the hate speech on here about what Microsoft decided to do with 11.2 Firstly, it's clearly meant for their console, so putting it on the PC is sort of just a secondary thing, I'm sure of it. Yeah, I do agree that Windows 7 could very easily get full 11.1 and 11.2, but...
  20. omnimodis78

    Windows 8.1, and Why You Should Let Go of Windows 7

    I can't wait for Windows 9 to come out so that we can laugh at all these "suck it up" editorials that are going about it the same way as they (probably) went on with Vista: trying to convince us that everything was (is) right with it, and that the problem is the user... Screw that! I tried...
  21. omnimodis78

    GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 770 WindForce Pictured

    The fact that a company even dares to get customers in touch with engineers is phenomenal, and if you understood the industry beyond your narrow minded entry level emotional outbursts, you'd understand why that is. Gigabyte is a great company, sure, not perfect, but mind telling me what is your...
  22. omnimodis78

    GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 770 WindForce Pictured

    I wasn't being sarcastic, actually, I was curious. And I checked out the link. You are misrepresenting the facts here. Firstly, by "their answer" (not sarcasm, just a quote) is actually one gold member's reply who explained to you very honestly and clearly why your and the other 6 people...
  23. omnimodis78

    GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 770 WindForce Pictured

    Not to disrespect your comment, or give the impression that your problems aren't real, but I have been using my Gigabyte GTX670 with a z77 board for some time now (and with an AMD 770 chipset before then) and I had/have zero issues! I have it overclocked (the GPU) around what I gather to be an...
  24. omnimodis78

    Presenting the All New TechPowerUp

    I have a 27" monitor (1920x1080) and I can tell you that the font really bothers me also.
  25. omnimodis78

    Presenting the All New TechPowerUp

    100% agreed, the article body-text is totally wrong - it honestly makes my eyes hurt as well. Ouchy! :twitch: I even have the site zoomed in to 135% and it still feels like it's just not easy to focus on. It's too condensed and it looks too soft. And that was my first impression before I even...