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  1. J

    Thermaltake Frio

    You've fixed it
  2. J

    Thermaltake Frio

    In the introduction it is said that the pipes are 8mm, but in the value and conclusion it is said that they are 6mm?:wtf:
  3. J

    Xigmatek Unveils First Midgard Medium Tower PC Chassis

    Yeah, and for 60 euro is really great value for money, I am looking forward to seeing this in Bulgaria but knowing our shops it will be arround 80 euro
  4. J

    SPARKLE Calibre 8800 GT P888+ with GDP2 Card

    and DirectX 10 demanding 3D games, suck as BIOSHOCK nice looking cooling. anybody knows the price?
  5. J

    NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT Graphics Card Coming in February

    i am a bit disappointed of the mem bandwitch if it is 320 or better yet 512... then we're talking but who know :)
  6. J

    What Mini SD card to get?

    ok I'll get 66x one with lifetime
  7. J

    What Mini SD card to get?

    I was thinking about 80x :rolleyes: is 66x enough ?
  8. J

    What Mini SD card to get?

    I've been reading for some time and didn't find the answer... so here goes nothing :D Only one review in Google and I don't believe stats from only one review. So to the question: I have a Nokia N73 and I want to get a bigger miniSD for it. 1st: What brand will you recommend me? And 2nd: 1GB...