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    [Case Gallery] Reality Bytes

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: AMD Athlon64 X2 5200+ @ 3.2Ghz Asus Crosshair nForce 590 SLi AM2 OCZ 2Gb Platinum Revision DDR2 Nvidia BFG GeForce 8800GTS OC2 320Mb @ 700/1000 Internal 320Gb Seagate & External 400Gb Freecon Asus 5.1 Surround (supplied with motherboard)...
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    POST Error "CPR Fail"

    Well it looks to have been a one off problem. After multiple boots without any changes to BIOS settings everything is running fine. May clear C-Mos just to be on the safe side - Thanks again for the help
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    POST Error "CPR Fail"

    Many thanks for your reply Namslas90, thas a big help.
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    POST Error "CPR Fail"

    Hi Guys, Wonder if someone can help me out with this one. Booted my PC and POST stopped on "CPR Fail" according to the reference table this means "CPR Error" which is of no help to me atall LOL. The system boots fine now, but I would like to know what "CPR Fail" actually means. Have...
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    HP Prepares New 24-inch Display

    I have to 22' version of this monitor and I can easily say its by far the best monitor I have ever used. An extra 2 inches is always going to please ;)
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    Reality Bytes

    its a 1/2 & 1/2 mix, green & yellow - I must be a tad weird too as the green was too green for me lol
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    Reality Bytes

    No, I did mod a window into the stock sidepanel but wasnt too happy with it in the end. AM planning on building one just from clear perspex.
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    Reality Bytes

    @ InnocentCriminal - Thanks, yeah the front is stock right now, well except for the fan controllers. I have been trying to think of something to do to the front for a while now, but am having trouble thinking of something fitting to the case. Anyone any thoughts? A picture of the case front...
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    [Case Gallery] MY PC Some Adds

    LOL You have the exact same, CPU, Mobo, GPU and screen as me.
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    Exorcising my eMachines rig!!

    That is a nice case, I like the way the front doors open. Not sure about the placement of the PWR and RST buttons though. Would imagin reaching to the top of the case may become a chore over time. Still very nie design though and cant argue for the money.
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    Same Resolution Problem-Confused

    does your monitor support the res you are trying to use?
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    Reality Bytes

    Another Small Update: All Has Gone Quiet On The Modding Front Now that the system is up and running I am finding myself using it more that I am modding it so progress has slowed to a snails place. One main change is that I have now decided against watercooling the HDD, as it was causing...
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    World in Conflict Demo arrives Saturday The 25th

    Thanks HellasVagabond - been looking forward to this game for quite some time.
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    AMD X2 Overclocking Advice Needed

    Hey thanks for the quick reply, I will run memtest as all the symtoms do seem to point to the memory. With regards to adjusting the timings, this is something I have never done before, which ones would you suggest changing and by how much. Appologies for all the questions ;)
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    ScienceMark thread (with score list)

    Heres is my latest score. AMD Athlon64 X2 5200+ @ 3120
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    AMD X2 Overclocking Advice Needed

    Ok I will start off with a CPUZ screenshot so you can see what im working with. Also system specs are filled in to the left :cool: I have been playing around for a good few hours now trying to get as high an overclock as I can on this chip. The highest it will get through POST and Boot...
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    Water Loop Order

    I have always had mine: Res - Pump - Blocks - Rad But as long as you have yout Res before your pump I cant see the order making to much of a difference as its a closed loop?
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    Antec Solo modding ideas??

    Yeah I would get the inside of the case painted and add some form of lighting, maybe change the PLED to green and the rear case fan to green. My project log may be of use to you as I started with a very similar antec case, you can find it Here
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    Reality Bytes

    @ InnocentCriminal - Thanks dude, I am trying to think of something to do with the front of the case that fits the overall look, as I agree with you - it needs changing. @ KennyT772 - Hard to tell from the pictures but the cathode itself doesnt support any weight. The stand 'legs' clip into...
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    BIOSHOCK Latest Updates

    Well I have just played the demo and have got to say I loved it. - Graphics are superb, so crisp and smooth. Was getting 50-90FPS @ 1680*1050 everything on max. Water detail is very nice too. - Gameplay seems to be great, nice storyline etc, not too sure about the hacking of bots, would...
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    Who's getting Bioshock?

    TBH I really cant decide right now. It goes look visually amazing and seems to have a great story line, not so sure about the look of the gameplay though - Will try the demo first I think.
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    Frontlines: Fuel of War

    What is it with games being constantly pushed back. Its so annoying. There just dont seem to be any good PC games about at the minute and I really am getting sick of BF2142 lol.
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    Frontlines: Fuel of War

    Official Site Here Anyone heard much about this game? Due for UK release October 07. Video and screenshots on the site look out of this world but not too sure they give a good representation of actual gameplay. Be interesting to get some peoples opinions.
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    Reality Bytes

    Well in my OP I outlined the goals for this project. I am happy to say one of them has been achived. (2) To see an improvement to my current best 3dMark06 score solely buy increased overclocking as a result of better cooling. Although the case is not fully finshed yet and I am still...
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    AMD Overclockers Club

    Wondering if you guys could give this overclock the quick once over. Its the highest stable OC I have managed on this chip but I am sure it will go higher, I feel the ram may be holding it back. Full specs in side dropdown. Voltage is 1.45 - Watercooled - 20'c (ambient room temp) Idle &...